Border Security? “Poison pills”? And Trump’s National Emergency announcement. WHAT’S REAL?

I watched Bombard’s body language, referring to Trump’s announcement declaring a National Emergency for the border wall outside the W.H. She expressed surprise at how hesitant and non-Trumpian he looked and sounded. That he kept looking down, fiddling with papers, and so on.

Body Language – Trump Declaring National Emergency for Border Wall

Her analysis dovetailed with doubts I was having, thanks to stories I had seen in various places about “poison pills” buried in the spending bill that contained items such as saying that local communities along the border would be able to decide whether or not their portion of the wall got built. And of course, if that “poison pill” is true, if, as Trump says, then all migrants have to do is go around the wall and pour through those open areas, then him signing the bill, which he did, is a betrayal of his promise to construct a high wall across the entire border of the southern U.S. In which case, it looks like Trump was defeated by Nancy and the libs, who BTW, other sources say, are paid off by those who don’t want the wall including drug lord kingpin El Chapo. Oops, maybe not? But can you trust so-called “fact-checker” snopes? NO.

Did El Chapo Testify that he gave millions to Pelosi, Clinton and Schiff?

Hmmm. Well then, who can you trust?

The other day I picked up on this item from among the enormous number of  Q drops during these possibly climactic days:

But of course, again we must ask, can we trust Q? I tend to think so, and have thought so, ever since Q began to roll out his enigmatic coded military intelligence(?) posts that call for us to recognize that the Deep State swamp- draining takedown is rolling out bit by bit via meticulously ordered events planned in advance, and all heading in a fruitful direction.

On the other hand, remember that Q also warns: “Disinformation is necessary” — in order to confuse deep state actors who are also reading Q posts. So who knows what Q posts contain disinfo?

Meanwhile, I also find myself following the X 22 Report on a daily basis, very much appreciating Dave’s research and the way he thinks about the complex, multi-layered, three-steps-ahead, 4-D “Art of War” manner in which Donald Trump appears to think.

Here’s Dave’s post that refers to the possible “poison pill” matter; 1793b. Check in at about minute 15, and again at about minute 33.

Hint: Dave says that communities along the border have always been consulted as to the wall in their area; however they have not had final say; nor will they in the future as the wall goes forward.

Disclaimer: I’ve never been one for impenetrable borders. Indeed, in the long run, I know that we will all come to realize that the world is one, and that all humans need to be free to pursue their dreams, wherever they may lead. However, at this time, when the deep state globalist roll-out calls for dismantling all national borders and encouraging migration in order to mix various cultures together to the point of chaos, which then, in the usual Hegelian “Problem, Reaction, Solution” manner would have all of us begging for a centralized, police state authority to take control and save us from murdering each other, I am definitely FOR national borders.

Ideally, the global civilization can eventually decentralize from national borders into small geographical niches, with whoever lives in them connected to both each other and the land.

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8 Responses to Border Security? “Poison pills”? And Trump’s National Emergency announcement. WHAT’S REAL?

  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    The poison pills do not control the President, especially given the declaration of a State of Emergency. Congress made a big over-reach and it was identified and dismissed by a statement from the White House as shooing so many gnats. Interesting to note that the President is following and using the real Constitution of the Republic, while the nimrods in the government are still plowing around with the fake, private corporate version. It’s laughable.

    I wish I could bring you privy to the conversation that has emerged with SerialBrain, but which would take aeons to type out. When considering the border, work with the premise that an ‘illegal alien’ is just so. Illegal as in not supposed to be here. Alien as in the most common thought of the word. That is the risk. That is the trouble.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You mean as in E.T. alien?

      • TurtleTurtle says:

        Narrative shift to ‘migrant’? Cern. Nanites. Mind control, D-Wave. Shadows from elsewhere. Who hates humanity? Nimrod. Black holes & Stargate, the documentary. Jeepers Creepers. Space Force signed into action the same day the Air Force has announced that all that cannot deploy immediately must sever based on their Commanding Officer’s order. “This is not a game.” and almost too weird to be believed. The good news? They are turning off the nanites, day by day. I swear, it’s almost too crazy for me and I am out there.
        btw, have you ever seen this? It is actually from March of 2016. The language is dreadful, the information stunning. There are some others before and after worth a watch. Then, suddenly, it all went quiet. Enjoy!

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          I will “enjoy”! Thanks. I did hear scuttlebutt about destroying the DUMBS way back then, but did not know about this video.

  2. TurtleTurtle says:

    btw…I found this great channel that has amazing information and research. I am telling everyone about it because the breadth of hidden information he is bringing to light is staggering. I hope you get a chance to watch and enjoy.

    Oh, and Trump was hesitant in speaking about China. They call it trade negotiations, but he is really negotiating the deficit that was built up with China and must be taken care of to complete the bankruptcy.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Just now watched the Observation Deck’s video on underground tunnels across the world. Yes, very interesting! Will pursue. And thanks for enlightening me on the real reason Trump was hesitant during his speech. Appreciate the correction. Appreciate all your bring to this comment section, as I often feel hopelessly naive, and feeling my way blindly.

  3. rose day says:

    Ann, thanks for your willingness to avoid a hard-line approach to issues that do not necessarily lend themselves to either/or interpretations.

    The border issue as it relates to The Wall is convoluted because the paradigm is convoluted. For example, in many places along the border, families on both sides of the border have been engaged in legitimate business transactions for generations and the inter-action enables ‘eyes-on’ community policing regarding illicit activity which in effect negates the necessity of a wall in such areas.

    Donald Trump appears to be ‘listening’ to Border Patrol officials who have identified areas along the border between the US and Mexico that are known hot-spots for illegal activity and further, President Trump appears to be seriously honoring Border Patrol input.

    How refreshing . . . an elected official who actually takes into account what those on front lines are sharing!

    PS: Thanks to Turtle for the above site info . . . fascinating reading.

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