Bill Hicks, on how to save your soul if you're in advertising or marketing

As usual, Bill Hicks is brilliant, acidic, damn near true. Reminds me of the subversive TV series,”Mad Men,” especially the opening shots, of suits falling from urban towers . . . I think of the Indiana University Business School, only a mile or so from where I live, every year cranking out suits with “spin.” Oh I know all “business” isn’t advertising or marketing. Thank God for that. I remember real honest-to-god small businesses when I was a kid, stores owned by the dads of friends of mine. Thank god there’s now a movement everywhere to return to “buy local.” To keep our money recirculating, here at home. Hopefully, over time, advertising and marketing will simply fade away as we remember how to speak and be with one another face to face as fully human beings.

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