Bill Brockbrader (Wood) released from Boise County jail

Arrested (harassed) on old charges on May 26, Bill Brockbrader has now been released. See this interview to get up to speed on who Bill is, if you are curious and don’t know. He was first interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot as a Navy Seal whistleblower in January 2012. Brockbrader’s info tends to dovetail or cluster with that of Wilcock, Drake, Fulford, and Cobra.

Interesting that we find out about his release on the day that Venus turns to go direct, after 43 days retrograde.

Love, released!

Bill Brockbrader Released

2012 JUNE 27

Bill and Eva on Bill’s release

Scott Molloy and Kauila report that Bill Brockbrader was released from jail yesterday, June 26, 2012. Scott believes the letter-writing campaign that was organized that saw people write to the Idaho jail in which Bill was being held has helped win his release.

Bill sends his thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Bill was jailed on federal charges which he successfully fought at the state level. Bill was a Navy SEAL who targetted Tomahawk Cruise missiles in Iraq before becoming disillusioned (OK, sickened) at the ruthless way war was being conducted there. Charges were brought against him to ensure his silence. But, despite the charges, he became a whistleblower.

Scott will be doing a Youtube interview with Bill soon.

Pat Donworth has been managing a campaign to raise money to assist Bill. People can donate via Eva’s Paypal account (

According to Scott, Bill has appeared on Wolf Spirit Radio during Frank Jordan’s show from 51 minutes to 57 minutes after his release.

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  1. Dan Wade says:

    Charges were brought . Nice , you mean he raped a 12 year old. !!!! And went to prision .

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