BILL BARR: Dead? White Hat? Black Hat? Double or Triple Agent? Huh?

Though I was aware of seemingly disgraced former Attorney General Bill Barr’s past history, there was a big part of me that wanted to trust him. The first I heard otherwise was when psychic Utsava said he sold out, took a bribe.

Now, all of a sudden — distraction? — Bill Barr is back in the news. Here’s the first thing I came across.

Military Convicts William Barr

This is one of a number of posts on supposed Gitmo tribunals done by Michael Baxter of real raw news. I have no idea how to vet this story (or this website), but find it interesting in the light of another one of DJT’s pronouncements, from June 27thOkay, let’s throw official skeptic Jordan Sather at this topic for a moment. From yesterday.



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