Beyond Demonization: A greater context for the Russian enigma

Remember that if you look at a world map, it soon becomes obvious that the Russian landmass is by far the greatest on Earth, with much of it pristine, and harboring vast mineral wealth.

If for no other reason, one can grok why the U.S. Corporatist Empire salivates at the very thought of getting hold of this vast territory. Thus, if for no other “reason,” drummed up western propaganda promoting mass fear of the Russian bear makes total sense.

But the situation, as we recognize, has to be much more complicated. I saw this article a few days ago, and set it aside for when I had time and energy to read through the entire document. And am very glad I did, today. This single article presents a wider — and yes, complicated, even ambivalent — geopolitical and cultural context within which to attempt to make sense of Russia’s (and Putin’s) current and historical situation. My own assessment of Putin’s puzzling actions (and seeming inactions) differs from that of the author somewhat: To me, Putin is that rare being —

The Astrological Chart of Vladimir Putin 

— who knows how to play a very long game, filled with tiny micro moves that gradually, and nearly invisibly, alter the frequency field deeply and thoroughly enough so that then dramatic changes can be instituted.

On the other hand, this article also makes clear that as far as environmental stewardship is concerned, except for banning GMOs, Russia is just as ruthless in exploiting natural resources with wanton consequences as the U.S., and furthermore, that its ownership of primary news sources is just as evident (though much more out in the open) than it is here.

It all makes me wonder how Lada Ray would react, since until reading this article, I have lately tended to adopt her assessments as my own.

In any case, this article — which includes and contextualizes the perspectives of Engdahl and Escobar and many other commentators, is well worth reading in full. And needs to be done with concentration.

The Russian Phoenix: Hope or Illusion


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3 Responses to Beyond Demonization: A greater context for the Russian enigma

  1. Steve Conard says:

    Did you read my post about russia a couple of day ag0

  2. Colleen Conifer says:

    A picture really is worth a thousand words. With all I’ve read and known about Russia, I was still gobsmacked by that map. Can’t help comparing all the propaganda about Russia to the wonderful experience of taking my grand-daughter to see the Nutcracker for the first time with her parents this week. Americans have adopted this Russian classic of music and dance as their own during the holiday season. Thank you Russia I wanted to say for bringing so much beauty into the world. Wonderful Sunday morning catching up with my dear friend’s incredible gift to the world, Exopermaculture. Mahalo Ann.

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