Between the shootings, silent night, holy night

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Somehow, we’ve got to become more aware of ourselves as we interact with our stuff, the constantly proliferating tools we create from imagination’s fertile fields, whether they be guns or cell phones or computers or vehicles or drones.

What will happen when we actually do wake up, right in the middle of this moment and notice what exactly, we are doing? What will happen when we ask ourselves, in that split-second-yawning-into-infinity, whether or not what we are about to do is for the greater good of the whole?

Can we learn how to remember to slow down enough to open that space (of infinite possibility) between the impulse to act and the act itself?

Can we re-learn how to go within, to find and nourish the “still small voice” whose spark burns bright, just beneath the layers of conditioning and denial?

This still small voice is huge, enormous, much larger and more expansive than even the most gigantic false self ego buttressed with stuff, all that stuff, all that silly stuff. It is the voice that vibrates love into space and reaches out for others. Not to kill them with stares or bullets or labels, but to touch them with the utmost concern and kindness.

Let’s make 2013 the year when we slow down enough to open the space of infinite possibility between the impulse to act and the act itself. From this single shift, the new world spirals into being.

U.S. Shooting Deaths since Sandy Hook Top 100

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