Bernie Suarez Reviews 2013: “A New Day Is Dawning on America”

Dawn_-_swifts_creek02Activist Bernie Suarez on 2013: month by month, blow by blow, each one a wake-up call. Especially good on scripted false flag events. Puts ya right there — and what he sees ahead reverberates with astrologer Carl Boudreau‘s assessment.

Freedom Chronicles 2013 — Year End Review from a Freedom Perspective

December 28, 2013



The year is now nearly over, Americans at an all-time high are showing distrust of government and media. Collectively America is broken, its credibility and financial strength diminished. Like a perfect storm, talk everywhere surrounds the fragility of the U.S. economy, rampant political-corporate corruption, the police state problem, and outlandish court rulings that are against freedom and the Constitution. Efforts to continue to wage war overseas and against the American people continue. Republicans, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and even Liberals seem to have had enough. Many voices in online blog sites seem as though they are placed carefully by the current administration and the CIA to continue pushing the administration’s agenda. The perfect storm fueled by the NSA scandals seems to be the trigger to a new awakening that begins to grip the nation.

By the end of the year Americans are discussing and sharing solution-based ideas about how to fix or replace the broken system we have now. Critical thinkers are now becoming more vocal, and there seems to be a revived urgency in Americans to want to BE the manifestation of the solution. By December 2013 a large portion of Americans are acknowledging that what arguably is the root of all our problems was created exactly 100 years ago today; the date that the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve was born. Conspiracies are being acknowledged and talked about by people who never considered these previously. Americans are struggling and people are coming together.

More shootings and false flags are occurring, but people are awakened to them so they don’t have as much of an effect anymore. For the first time in possibly over 200 years in America, Americans are approaching a new year (2014) with the intent to be the change that they want to see in the world. People are brainstorming solutions that offer a brighter tomorrow and some hope for future generations of Americans.

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  2. Jamie says:

    I disagree with this analysis. After everything that I have researched, as well as experienced, the root of our problems is ancient. It began 250,000 years again with the engineering of a slave race of beings ( Homo Sapien Sapien ). It did not begin with a private, cloistered meeting between scheming rich boys. This is yet another illusion that most choose to latch onto because they read and understand very little of their true history.
    I really do not see mankind getting out of this “matrix” for a very long time to come, but, I do hope that they will through an earnest desire to become emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually independent.

  3. jjsanto1962 says:

    “are”…not “is”. Sorry about that. :-/

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