Bernie Sanders rides again: Please! Don’t make the horrendous student debt burden worse by raising the interest rate!

The average debt for students today is $27,000. Total student debt exceeds $1.1 trillion, exceeds total credit card debt and condemns many students to life-long debt-slavery.

That venerated elder Bernie Sanders — and newly elected Elizabeth Warren — are the only official voices raised, will the interest rate actually double on July 1, from 3.4% to 6.8%?

If so, is this the tipping point for the great mass of U.S. young people to join those in Turkey and Brazil putting their lives on the line for social, economic, and political justice?

“The federal government should not be making a huge profit (on these loans). That is simply wrong.”

(Unfortunately, his argument is framed within the still-standard, and horrifically unsustainable “growth economy” model.)

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