Bernie Sanders “lost” four states on “Super Tuesday” — and dug his way even deeper into our hearts

Another thing that happened on the Ides of March: Bernie Sanders made a major speech and no major news media chose to air even a tiny sliver of it, thus proving, once again, their bias. Reality Show Trump might make them quake in their boots with terror and fascination, but Real Life Sanders is way too authentic to be taken seriously. (And yet, and yet: waiting for his new foreign policy team to say no more war, bring home the troops, transform the military, and so on. Fat chance, I know. The biggest elephant in the room, the one eating up 57% of the budget, likely stays that way: ubiquitous and invisible, no matter who gets to be puppet President.)

Blackout Tuesday: The Bernie Sanders Speech Corporate Media Chose Not To Air

Though the talking heads were allowed to ramble on and on (and on) Tuesday night, the major cable and network news made no time for people to watch this…

March 16, 2016

by Jon Queally


Bernie Sanders delivered a rousing hour-long speech on Tuesday night, but not a single cable news oulet chose to run even a portion of it. (Image: HuffPost/Screenshot)

Though Bernie Sanders had an admittedly disappointing night on Tuesday, losing four of five primary contests to rival Hillary Clinton, he still took to the stage in Phoenix, Arizona to speak to his supporters and television cameras about his vision for the nation and the drive of his campaign moving forward.

The problem? No cable or major news channel ran the speech. Not all of it. Not even some of it.

As Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grim—specifically pointing at how cable news channels CNN, Fox, and MSNBC didn’t air the speech because they were “waiting” for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump—quipped, “There just isn’t enough time in the evening to get all that analysis in.”

A.K.: I join other alternative outlets in bringing it to you here:



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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, this so demonstrates the nearly complete control that mainstream media exerts upon the collective mind’s eye. Our best hope is that we are in a time of true revelation and a profound

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