Benjamin Creme: "The space brothers come to serve. It is their nature to help."

Benjamin Creme, who seems to function as John the Baptist for a “World Teacher” named Maitraya, has an interesting perspective on those he calls Space Brothers, and their role and purpose here on Earth. Very different from the Allies of Humanity material that warns of subtle deception masquerading as good. To me, Creme goes too far in the other direction, denying, for example, that involuntary abductions and mutilations have occurred. He tends to lump all “space brothers” into one race (where others have mentioned at least 57 different types), and like me prior to this and this, doesn’t distinguish between celestials and extraterrestrials.

Creme’s stories of George Adamski’s journey and his views on how “space brothers” mop up the radiation we continuously spew out are especially interesting. Even more pertinent is his view of what actually happened with Kennedy in regards to his relations with the Russians and the Cuban Missile showdown. Hopefully, Creme, and others who talk about otherworldly beings as preventing us from using nuclear weapons are correct, now that our fascist corporatocracy is once again itching for a fight, this time with Iran, a conflict which all parties seem to agree, could easily escalate into World War III.

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UFOs – Their Spiritual Mission

by Benjamin Creme

2009 Transmission Meditation Conference Keynote Talk.

An excerpt

The following article is an edited version of a talk given by Benjamin Creme at the Transmission Meditation Conference held near San Francisco, USA, in August 2009.

There is an enormous amount of information of one kind or another about UFOs, some of it true, absolutely authentic, and masses of it which is utterly unreal and unauthentic. This is a huge and all-important subject.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s pilots of all types of aircraft, sometimes with their passengers, began to report that they had seen inverted saucer-like objects with domes and circular windows, which flew alongside their plane and then sometimes sped off at tremendous speed.

These reports gained in currency and became headlines in various newspapers. When I first read about them, I assumed like many that these saucer-like objects were probably new craft that had been made by America, Russia or Germany. After the end of World War II, the Allied armies moved into Germany. In southern Germany obvious, demonstrable evidence was found that the Germans had been carrying out secret experimentation in anti-gravity devices during the war. At the same time, the Americans and Russians were carrying out similar experiments in secret to attain anti-gravity. All of them were fiercely engaged in an anti-gravity approach to flight, which was entirely new.

In 1953 an Englishman named Desmond Leslie wrote a book, Flying Saucers Have Landed. He was a gifted man who wrote plays, novels and music, a cousin of Winston Churchill. Having written this book, he heard about an extraordinary man living in the US, George Adamski, who had written an article in which he claimed that he was in touch with people from other planets. Adamski said that a group of observers could vouch for his meeting with a man from Venus.

One day, by arrangement, in November 1952, Adamski went into the desert, near Desert Center,California. The group of observers stayed a few hundred yards away and viewed the scene through binoculars. A spacecraft landed, of the type that flew alongside the commercial planes in the 1940s and 1950s. According to Adamski a man came out of the spacecraft dressed in a one-piece suit. He talked to Adamski without using language, at least not immediately, but made him understand what he had to say. In fact, they had a telepathic rapport. The man, who said he came from Venus, was wearing shoes the soles of which were cut in such a way as to leave clear and pronounced impressions in the desert sand, which were later photographed by the group who were watching from a distance.

The word was put out that a man from Venus had landed in a spacecraft. Leslie heard about this incident and wrote to Adamski, suggesting that Adamski add his sighting report in the desert to the book that he had already written about the history of flying saucers down the ages. Leslie’s book claimed that flying saucers from other planets had been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and that there were many descriptions of these craft and artifacts on Earth that lent weight to this claim. Leslie and Adamski together published the book Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953) and it became a best-seller. Thousands of copies were sold all over the world. The book was taken up in a big way by the so-called ‘New Age’ movement, especially in America, sometimes to its benefit and sometimes to its detriment. Adamski became famous in many parts of the world. He went on a series of lecture tours in the US, South America, Europe and elsewhere, talking about the spacecraft.

In 1955, Adamski published another book, a much longer account, Inside the Space Ships. In that book he gave an account of having been taken up in a small scout craft, like an inverted saucer with a dome, to a huge mothership. Inside the mothership he was introduced to extraordinary people, and given profound teachings by a major figure on the ship, a teacher from Venus.

That teaching was so profound it changed the thinking of thousands of people who read the book. It was not the only source of that teaching, but was very much akin to that given out by the great teachers of this world, such as Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ, and Mohammed. All the great religious teachings seem to be underscored by the teachings given by the teacher from Venus. This teaching is profoundly transforming and closely resembles Maitreya’s teachings.

Universal teaching

It is, in different words perhaps, like the teaching of Maitreya when He talks about the nature of humanity as a kingdom, how we are one world, the need for sharing, just_ice, right relationship, and above all, the necessity that there should be no more war. This is emphasized over and over again in the teachings given by both Maitreya and the Venusian teacher. Adamski, a straightforward, genial individual, brought this teaching back home and made it known.

It fits together perfectly with the core of New Age teaching, which came from Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Helena Roerich and Alice A.Bailey, and gave an entirely different view to humanity coming out of the war. The effects of the war were still being felt very strongly in Europe, Japan and Russia, and people were just beginning to pick up the threads of civilization again. They were looking for meaning and purpose, for guidance in the restructuring of the world.

The United Nations was formed, and in it was embedded the creed of the rights of men and women everywhere (the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights). The world gradually faced up to the problems that had accrued as the result of the war – the poverty of Germany, which was absolutely shattered by the Allies; the extraordinary damage and loss of life that had occurred in Russia, which set back the Russian people from their desire to create a new society after the terrible struggle with Nazism.
After the war, America created the Marshall Plan, its greatest act in many decades. The Marshall Plan transformed European industry, supplying Europe, especially West Germany, with the newest and best applications of industry that America, despite the war, had been able to create throughout the war years.

Visitors from Jupiter

This photograph was taken by a visitor to the Cuzco (ancient Inca city) area of Peru on 16 February 1989 between 9.30 and 10.30 am. The exact location is the Valle Sagrado Urubamba. The extraordinary object in the sky was not seen by the photographer nor by the people buying and selling wares on the mountain. Nevertheless, it appears on two photographs taken at different spots, higher and lower on the mountain.

Benjamin Creme’s Master has identified the strange object as a spaceship from the planet Jupiter, whose crew projected the image of the ship (which was in etheric matter) onto the film. It carried some 500 people. In the Andes there exists a much-used base for our Space Brother visitors.

Space Brothers assist during crisis

Then came two traumatic events. Berlin was divided into four zones: the Russian, American, British and French. In 1961 the Russians blocked their zone, making free passage between eastern and western Berlin impossible. America and Russia had been allies in the war against Nazism from 1939 to 1945, but became enemies in the most extraordinary ways. America held on to its idea, if not complete, of democracy, and Russia to its idea, if not the reality, of communism. Each held fanatically to these two ideas and brought the world to a point closer than it had ever been to a third world war. These two major powers had just emerged from the second part of the two great wars of the 20th century and in 1961 stood at loggerheads.

What few people know is that President Kennedy did not bring about the cessation of hostility between Russia and America at that time. It was brought about by the Space Brothers of our own solar system, chiefly from Mars and Venus. They are masters of energy, as can be seen in the exploration of space by the UFOs. They have a control of energy such as we do not even know is possible, and were able to nullify the tension between the Americans and Russians.

President Kennedy was advised by a Venusian agent living on Earth to approach the Russians in a certain way, which he did up to a point. He did it – in his own American way, but he did it – and in the meantime the Space Brothers completely removed the energy from the situation and the crisis passed. That was the nearest point since the war to a breakout of a third world war and was only prevented by the Space Brothers. They called on all their forces, their own control of energy, and all those who live among us as ordinary people but who are actually agents of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and other planets.

In October 1962 there was another point at which the world came close to a third world war. In September 1962, the Soviet government secretly delivered nuclear missiles to Cuba. When United States intelligence discovered the weapons, the US government did all it could to ensure the removal of the missiles. Then, in October, the Russians chose to call America’s bluff to see what it would do by sending a ship loaded to the gunnels with more nuclear missiles across the Atlantic to deliver to Cuba, so that they would be on America’s doorstep. The Russians made no attempt to camouflage them this time, so anyone could see they were missiles.

Crop circle Martinsell Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 19 July 2009 photo: © Steve Alexander

It was an answer to America, a provocative attempt by Russia to say: “You have surrounded Russia with missiles from Alaska to Pakistan,” which America had done and still does. Pakistan is an American base, and has been for years. From there, as well as from the southern border of Russia, up to Alaska, Russia is completely surrounded by the missile bases of America, and has been since the 1960s.

President Kennedy for a second time made an announcement. He had been told by the Space Brothers, through an agent in the US Diplomatic Service, what to say. He did more or less say what he had been asked to say but again in his own way, rather than in the way he was asked to say it.

As he had been asked at the time of the Berlin crisis, President Kennedy was again asked to speak to the Russians with respect and understanding, saying that he could clearly see their concerns and would seek to allay their fears. Instead, he was very outspoken and challenged Russia. I do not believe the Russians had any intention of continuing to deliver these missiles to Cuba. I do not believe they were so foolish, so lacking in insight, to think that they could do this without being stopped. Certainly the Cubans had no wish to be obliterated from the face of the Earth. So the ship turned back, as Russia, I am sure, had expected it to do in any case.

That was the second time the Space Brothers had to intervene very strongly to bring about a cessation of animosity. They do this by energy, by nullifying the negative forces, allaying the fears of the people, and bringing about the possibility of a truce, a state in which new things can grow. That is how the Space Brothers have worked all along.

They do not believe in confrontation. The advice given to the people of Earth is to solve all disputes by co-operation rather than confrontation, seeing the other point of view and taking the spiritual path rather than the path of war.
That is the nature of the Space Brothers. That is why they are so evolved, why they have this extraordinary technology that is so far ahead of our own, and never have wars. They are way above that and have nothing but peace and goodwill for humanity.

Humanity lives not only in this solar system, but also throughout the whole of cosmos. There is nowhere you can go in cosmos where you will not find human beings.

The Solar system and the Plan

All the planets are engaged in one Plan, which also involves Earth. Most people on Earth do not even know that such a Plan exists. It is a Plan of evolution for our solar system, which works as a unit.

We think of the Earth, the Sun and Moon, but pay very little attention to the other planets of our solar system, except through NASA and the Russian exploits. All the planets have their Plans. They are all part of our solar system and the solar system evolves together.

Not all the planets are at the same point in evolution. Some are very low in evolution. Some, like Earth, are about halfway along the path. Some are very evolved indeed. As we have hundreds of thousands of lives to go from being an early animal man or woman to a Master, so a planet has seven expressions or rounds, each of which is millions of years long. Some planets have completed that course and have become invisible, but are still there, in etheric energy. Some, like Venus, are in their last round. Venus is the alter ego, the higher aspect, of Earth.

Crop circle Clatford, Wiltshire, UK, 4 May 2009 photo: © Steve Alexander

Earth is about at the halfway point, in the middle of the fourth round. At that point a planet begins to find its course, its destiny. Its people begin to wake up. This is happening in the world today. Humanity is waking up from a long sleep in which it lost contact with reality, with the purpose and meaning of life on Earth. It became deeply embedded in the profound materialism in which it is still involved to this day.


The mission of the Space Brothers

Maitreya has come to awaken humanity. The space people too have come to help and save humanity. They have been portrayed, most particularly by the US government, as bestial beings who destroy carcasses and leave them strewn over the plains and deserts of America, who take people up in their spaceships, perform operations on them, embed little chips that keep the people under their control ever afterwards, and send them back down to Earth. All of this is utterly false.

If one thing is clear from the teachings of Adamski coming from the Venusian Master, from my Master, and, you will find, from Maitreya, it is that the Space Brothers are absolutely harmless to the people of Earth. In fact, their presence here is a spiritual mission. They come to save humanity from even greater pain and suffering than we would otherwise have known in the years since the discovery of nuclear fission.

Since that time we have poured nuclear energy into our atmosphere, which our scientists cannot even measure. They do not have the technology to measure levels of matter above gas, the etheric levels, where this release of nuclear energy occurs – the deadliest release of energy that has ever taken place on Earth.

This nuclear energy is in tremendous potency and is destroying the well-being of humanity and the lower kingdoms. It works by depleting our body’s immune system, and therefore opens us to all manner of ills that otherwise would not affect us. As a result, we have wave upon wave of influenza and other diseases that we have less and less ability to cope with. The growing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease at ever younger ages throughout the world is a direct result of the high concentration of nuclear energy at the higher etheric levels, not registered by the instruments of our present-day scientists. This energy plays on the human brain, causing more and more Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation, and the gradual breakdown of our body’s defence system.

The Space Brothers, mainly from Mars and Venus, are engaged on a spiritual mission to neutralize this nuclear radiation. They are not allowed to completely neutralize all the extant nuclear radiation, but within the karmic law they do, using various implosive devices. They neutralize the radiation that we are pumping into the atmosphere from every nuclear power station without exception, and from all nuclear experimentation. We are continually making more and craftier bombs that will be more deadly than previous bombs. All of that experimentation releases into our atmosphere clouds of nuclear radiation that we do not know about. We cannot measure it and therefore we deny its existence.

Our nuclear scientists believe they have total control of nuclear energy, which, demonstrably, they do not. They have no understanding of the four etheric levels of matter above the solid, liquid and gaseous levels and therefore a limited knowledge of what they know as nuclear energy. It is actually etheric, physical matter which we should not be using. Nuclear energy is, as it says in the Bible, “that which stands where it ought not”. Nuclear fission should not be utilized. It is deadly and is increasingly damaging the health of the people of this planet.

The people of other planets spend countless hours mopping up this energy and at the same time creating on the dense-physical plane a replica of our planet’s magnetic field. Every planet is surrounded by a magnetic field. It is made up of lines of force that criss-cross, and where they criss-cross they form vortices.

These vortices have been replicated on the dense-physical plane by our Space Brothers as part of a new energy grid that Maitreya calls the Science of Light. This energy grid in relation to electrical energy brought directly from the sun will give us the new Science of Light as predicted by Maitreya. It will give this planet, as on other planets, unlimited, safe power for all purposes, in ways that cannot be bought up or cornered by any group of men.

For obvious reasons, this technology will not be given until we have abandoned war for ever. Most essential today is that we should abandon war for ever, come to a co-operative agreement among all people that war is a thing of the past. This will be the basic point of Maitreya’s early teaching. He will stress again and again that we have to make peace. Nothing short of peace will do because we can now destroy all life, human and subhuman, on planet Earth. Maitreya and the Masters come in part to make sure that we do not destroy our planet.

If we did destroy the planet, it would have irrevocable consequences for the rest of the solar system, and the future for humanity would be dreadful indeed. We would have no planet to live on, and would have perpetrated a terrible crime against ourselves and the other planets. We would end up incarnating on some distant, dark planet, not at all evolved. We would have to start at the beginning, as we were millions of years ago, and take again the long slow climb upwards. It would be unbelievably painful and restrict our evolution for thousands, perhaps millions of years. Why choose that? Why, indeed, choose such an end?

Subtle approach

This intricate pattern appeared in snow at the Kornhaus Bridge, Berne, Switzerland, on 15 December 2008. It was manifested by the Space Brothers and is similar to crop patterns seen in the UK and the Norwegian spiral ‘star’. Photo sent by F.W.

The Space Brothers come to serve. It is their nature to help. They make colossal sacrifices. In their thousands they have come, and they spend their time and energy helping us in every way. They create vortices which are visible as crop circles to be sure, but also invisibly across the world in general. The crop circles are only an outer tangential sign of their presence. If you have the eyes to see, this sign tells you that someone of tremendous intelligence, skill, tact and reserve has touched the edges of our garment, and said: “We are here.”

They could land, make a big noise and tell us that they are here, but they do not. They make contact quietly, sensitively – so that they do not drive us to panic. If they come down and people panic and are terrified, the Space Brothers just go away. If the people are not terrified, if they do not panic, then things might happen. The Space Brothers might introduce themselves, and they have introduced themselves, to thousands of people of this Earth. These are people who to this day have never mentioned their meeting with a spaceship and with spacemen who came out of it, who spoke to them without seeming to speak, but made them understand that they were visitors from far off planets come in peace to help us. The people who have been contacted have been afraid to speak, afraid to be ridiculed.

We ridicule those who speak out. We ridicule those who tell the truth, even when we recognize the truth. We tend to reject the truth because the truth means a change in oneself, a change in one’s way of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting. It means a real psychological change, so it is difficult. It is easier, therefore, to deny than to affirm.

Even when people could affirm, because they more or less believe what they read about the Space Brothers or about the Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters, they tend to reject it. They tend to find reasons to deny it. Even when they do not totally deny it, they find reasons to belittle it or want proof that will only come on the Day of Declaration. They want proof that will only come when the Space Brothers come down, open the doors of their ships, walk out and say: “Hi.” Then they would believe because everyone would see them and it would be easy to believe. But when the Space Brothers make contact in the quiet, calm and gentle way that they do, contacting one here, two there, those who are contacted do not have the courage to say: “I saw with my own eyes and therefore cannot deny it.”



Our Elder Brothers

The people of the saucers are harmless in a way that we only wish human beings would be. We invade each other’s privacy all the time. We have no reticence. If you want them, they are there. If you do not want them, they do not interfere. They do not come forward. They are reticent, quiet, polite, in a way that most of us are not.

Living together in peace is what Maitreya is about. That is how the Space Brothers live – harmlessly, tactfully, respectfully. They are our Elder Brothers, as are Maitreya and the Hierarchy of Masters. We are one solar system. All of us are engaged in a journey to perfection together. We are at different levels, some nearer the end of the road, some of us struggling to find a path to the right road even after millions of years.

The Space Brothers are here to help. With their help the forces of evil will be destroyed, the forces that prevent people everywhere from living together in peace with justice and right relationship. Right relationship is the next destined step forward for humanity, and with the help of the Space Brothers and the emergence of our own Hierarchy of Masters, that will quickly come to be.

The Space Brothers are giving of Their knowledge of the Science of Light, the new Science that will give us unlimited energy for every need. They have that science, and will put it at our disposal when we show that we are able to live together in peace with justice, sharing, and right relationship, as soon as we renounce war for ever. Then we will know that They are our brothers indeed.


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  1. Thank you for posting this important information. It is shocking to me that the majority of people have been purposefully deceived by governments who have sown terror.. in the hearts of humanity on the topic of our interplanetary visitors. I hope this article will be re-posted far and wide. We are running out of time to save ourselves and our planet.

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