Beneath the old, boring, centralized, so-called “world order,” an emergent new, networked, vibrancy connects you and me

It’s not just local food. This post offers a long detailed look at the immense diversity and creativity that is actually rising up from below, like mushroom fruitings of an underground mycellium web, in all sorts of cities and towns and rural areas, right beneath the harsh military boot of the crumbling corporatocracy that aims to turn us all into mindless robots. Not nearly enough press for all these local initiatives — of course: the press, by and large, is still the propaganda arm for control central.

As always, the question is, what do you choose to focus on? Where do you choose to commit your one wild and precious life? The ghastly violence that seems to be (thanks to MSM press) threatening to overwhelm this country, or the extraordinary new world rising up out of that old world order’s ashes. 

Going local for EVERYTHING: Taking back the country, and our lives



By seeing the series of ways the country is going local, we can suddenly see the immensely caring work and contribution of so many groups to the whole.  Across he political spectrum, people have been working tirelessly to protect us – by localizing our health, our money, our manufacturing, our legal rights, our schooling, our food, and even the defense of our lives.

Localization is not a small thing but THE thing to free us from corrupt global corporate power.  Localization also brings us together, despite massive and malign efforts to divide and conquer.  Together, and knowing each other well at the local level, we can’t be defeated.

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