Belated ARKCroneCast News for March 19th: BABY PICTURE PROJECT!

CroneCast #13 | The Baby Picture Project

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Both have links to producer Gabrielle’s recent baby picture post on the BPP blog.

Please send us your own “original innocent self” baby picture. The one that reminds you of who you really are underneath parental, educational, and social conditioning. And send us a story to go along with it! Ask yourself, why that picture? And let us know, too.

Plus: We’ll have offerings of print-on-demand tees, mugs and buttons — all with your baby picture on them — in the future, if you’d like to participate this way in the Baby Picture Project as well!


P.S. Let’s do this. The times, they have already changed. After this coronavirus quarantine is over, we’re not returning to the life we led before. No matter what happens, this time-out from our usually overloaded schedules has given us time to reflect, to uncover our real values beneath all the usual distractions, to ask ourselves how we would live our lives if there were absolutely no obstacles.

As the Raven cawed to me in the dream that ignited Crone Chronicles, back in 1989:


That dream spurred me into action slightly more than one Saturn return (29-30 years) ago. Life cycles back round every 30 years, reminding us to tune into our original selves and become fully who we really are, unfold our original natures from birth through death.

Remember: When you follow your nature, nature will take care of you.

The quarantine, if we allow it,  releases us from old habits and trivial concerns, ignites our full aliveness.

We are here, on this beautiful Earth, NOW, meant to enjoy and express our full capacity in concert with others.

Our baby pictures remind us of who we really are. If we wear them on our person in public, they remind others, too. Just imagine, two people meeting for the first time, both daring to wear their baby pictures! Both daring to show their full selves! Their beautiful, vulnerable innocence!

What would happen next?






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