Barbara Hand Clow: complexly aspected New Moon at 5° Virgo, August 28, 2011

Barbara Hand Clow’s perspective on the global context for analyzing this year’s Virgo New Moon focuses it within the Calleman version of the Mayan Calendar, as the “day after the midpoint of Night Five of the Universl Underworld, the destructive phase of the Ninth Underworld.” So expect even more stunning novelty (to use a neutral term) from now through a few days after the New Moon, and remember, this night or destructive phase changes into the positive phase of ths 18-day cycle on August 18th. Breathe!

Virgo New Moon: August 28, 2011

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11:03 PM EDT, Washington, DC

The New Moon in Virgo is here, the time to address practical issues. This annual call to get it together is especially crucial during 2011, since this New Moon arrives a day after the midpoint of Night Five of the Universal Underworld, the destructive phase of the Ninth Underworld. Deep wisdom exists in this synchronicity between the annual call to focus on our personal needs during the greatly heightened stress of Night Five (August 18-September 4). This New Moon in Virgo is the ultimate teacher about an important human dilemma, which is, you can’t expect things to change in the outer world without first changing yourself.

I continue to be stunned by the correct timing of Calleman’s Mayan Calendar analysis, which studies 2011 by a series of 7 Days and Six Nights that are 18 days long and peak during very potent midpoints. [See The Mayan Code by Clow, and be aware that the timing for the Universal Underworld is slightly off in this book because Calleman changed his dates in 2010 after it was published.] The Virgo New Moon coming the day after the midpoint focuses the Night Five wave of destruction; maybe it will intensify it. For example, as I compose this analysis, the rebels have seized Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli; the whole Middle East is embroiled in social conflict; Israel is in conflict with newly liberated Egypt; the US and Britain are threatening Assad of Syria with regime change; and a 5.9 earthquake rattled the East Coast shutting down some nuclear reactors. When Night Five opened August 18, hideous riots broke out in England, the American stock exchange fell 435 points, the revolutionaries began their march on Tripoli, and Fareed Zakaria announced, “This is the moment of truth for Europe.”

Americans are losing their homes while watching famines in Somalia and bombings in Iraq on TV, and political stability in Pakistan and Afghanistan is collapsing. The earthquake in Virginia emphasizes the risks of using nuclear energy for power, an issue that began at the opening of the Universal when the great quake and tsunami destroyed the Fukashima Daichi nuclear reactors. They are in meltdown, radiation levels in the sea are at catastrophic levels, and radiation is being detected in Japan’s sacred plant, rice. As for the eastern seaboard and potential threats from the North Anna Nuclear Reactor, which is two miles from the quake’s epicenter, Paul Gunter, the director of Beyond Nuclear commented, “Once again, Mother Nature is warning us that nuclear power is the most brittle of electrical powers systems.” This plant was designed to withstand a 5.9-6.1 quake, the Virginia quake was 5.9, and it was very shallow, which caused more shaking. These are the Night Five destructions, yet soon we will witness the first evidences of the new world coming in September 5-22, Day Six of the Universal Underworld.

Most of us can’t do anything about the problems described in the previous paragraphs. But we can examine our own minds to seek the unprocessed elements in our psyches that are part of the collective energy creating world events. As those who have been following this column know, the Abrahamic religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-were and are deeply involved in creating the National Underworld wars during the last 5,125 years, a process that is ending October 28, 2011. The Universal time-acceleration factor is rapidly processing the dualities these fanatical belief systems create in the world. Religious wars are peaking, a sure sign that people will just finally stop it because they are exhausted; they’ve forgotten what they’re fighting about. Our part — those of us who are thankfully not directly involved in Middle East tension — is to manifest peace in our hearts, then expand it into greater fields to make heart space for the struggling ones. Let’s consider how your own participation in religious belief systems makes you feel vulnerable during this difficult time.

It is never easy to release beliefs sourced in thousands of years of history, current culture, early childhood, maybe even conflict in your adult home. Perhaps by observing the destructions in the world caused by these useless battles, you will be able to let go of the cleverly crafted and constantly repeated religious fairy tales. Perhaps you can adopt thoughtful and complex new solutions that can bring peace in a world of Unity consciousness? Be wary of the emptiness and sadness you feel now, because religious sadomasochism is a deep hook that infects the collective mind. You may feel bereft and cast adrift right now, yet how could it be any other way as old ways pass, and new ways of life aren’t visible yet? As for me, I craft images in my mind of educated culture, loving families, and economic prosperity for the brave people creating revolutions, and I move the images into my heart and then project them into the planetary field. The Visible Light Spectrum, the light range we can see, is actually created by the images we project into it. Television occupies way too much of this frequency range, yet a clear mind is more powerful than a million TVs. We truly are seeing a fast rerun of the 5,125-year National Underworld movie in the Middle East, but this time the outcome will be different. The National Days and Nights were 396 years long, and now these issues are being processed during only 18 days. The tight spiral of time acceleration offers each person more power and autonomy; there is more space for good-hearted intentions.

What’s in the heart and mind of each person holds the coming solutions, and this year is the Omega Point. The end of Ramadan, the Islamic sacred time of the year, comes with this Virgo New Moon, so we have an unprecedented opportunity to align East and West after 5,125 years of division. This New Moon activates innate abilities to clarify our hearts and minds, and then we can send out this loving power into the 6D geometrical fields, which creates 7D sound waves in resonance with Earth’s heart. I will read the chart looking for the solar system keys that release Gaia from her imprisonment, which release our minds and hearts to utilize the great wisdom of this New Moon.

The New Moon is in 5 Virgo close to Venus, which softens and feminizes practical solutions-like starting a new job with a yummy dessert. Aspects to New Moon/Venus are complex and strong: Chiron and Neptune oppose the lunation, which opens our healing heart; Pluto and Jupiter trine the lunation, which enables us to let go of outmoded systems; and retrograde Uranus quincunxes the lunation, which brings us deep and permanent transformations in the collective. The trine from Jupiter in Taurus assists us with Pluto’s destruction of outmoded systems. Pluto-trine-Jupiter-trine-New Moon/Venus in earth facilitates deep economic and structural changes. A day after the New Moon, Jupiter goes into retrograde motion until Christmas, a period of time that will contain and organize the great economic shift coming in with this New Moon. What might happen? Well, the euro zone will probably become smaller or break up during Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, since it was created at the very beginning of the Galactic Underworld in 1999. The first steps in the breakup of the euro will probably occur during Night Five, or at least the bankruptcy of a few of the weaker participants, such as Spain, Portugal, or Greece. Fareed Zakaria noted on August 18, “Germany is the only country that can pay.” 2011 will be known as the end of globalism and a return to bioregional economies.

So, how can we personally use these powers? With Venus in Virgo so close to the New Moon, if you focus on an issue that seems to be insurmountable, you will find your sense that you can change it. I strongly suggest you identify your biggest block, especially if it’s financial, and then use the powers of this New Moon to bust right through it. Let’s say your problem is you have too much debt while the world’s financial systems are collapsing. You can use the deep practicality combined with Venus’s softness, and then you might know how to ask another person or seek an aid system for help. The trine from stationary Jupiter in Taurus helps you see simple solutions, the small things you overlook. Do we need more financial planners who tell us to add up the cost of lattes, and then tell us to cut expenses to save money, to keep ourselves from getting fat and enriching Starbucks? The trine from Pluto to Jupiter to the New Moon/Venus shines the spotlight on clear and functional structural elements of our systems. We still have systems that were originally used to help people work together, and now the time has come to reclaim the connections between people. Uranus quincunxes New Moon/Venus as it closely squares Pluto, so creative ideas and deep changes flow now. This New Moon is an ideal time to tackle really tough issues, so that you can adopt solutions that will work for you this fall. Astrologically, each problem and solution adopted by each person is going to fire off new working processes when Jupiter goes direct on Christmas Day at 0 Taurus. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to jumpstart Unity consciousness.

People are writing and speculating about what Unity consciousness could be. For me, it is simply our species returning to resonant flow, like a school of fish turning in a lake, or a flock of birds diving and rising in the air. Nine dimensions of consciousness will permeate the collective October 28, 2011; however, even now it is opening hour-by-hour, day-by-day. When a bird is ready to dive in synchronicity with the other birds, it doesn’t shift its attention to what it will be eating next; it dives. That is the real lesson of this New Moon: Pick an issue that keeps you out of resonant flow, and move through it! Newly direct Mercury in 19 Leo trines the lunar North node in 20 Sagittarius, and it will be right on the North Node a day after the New Moon just when Jupiter retrogrades. These aspects guarantee that you can jump out of your problem and into the flow; just like happiness, it’s a choice.

Uranus retrograde in 4 Aries is still in a very tight square to Pluto in 6 Capricorn, inspiring deep structural transformation in the collective. After this accelerated spring and summer, most of us seem to have so many complexities and issues going on that we’ve just given up trying to direct or control any of it. Well, welcome to the Now! When people find a way to stop thinking, maybe because they experience joy while contemplating nature, they feel the love that is in the center of everything. It is time to see that the Universal time acceleration is stealing your ability to think all the time, which shoves you into the flow. This New Moon is about intentionally eliminating problems that cause you to think all the time! It’s a bit like that moment when you made your first headfirst dive into the water or when you just trusted and took off on your bike. Uranus-square-Pluto is resurrecting some of the creative ideas of the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto joined in the sky. The cultural desire to be free-to make love, not war-returns within the revolution in Egypt spreading into Libya and all over the Middle East, and Pluto sextiling Chiron/Neptune inspires deep compassion.

We have to wonder why we aren’t yet seeing deep change in the United States, especially since this website is always cast for Washington, DC. During this Virgo New Moon, Saturn in 15 Libra is exactly conjunct the 1776 USA Saturn, the third hit of the USA 8th Saturn Return, so it’s time for America to grow up during the Calendar’s end. The first hit of the USA Saturn Return was December 2010 when the Middle East was exploding, and the second hit was in March 2011, when the Universal time acceleration went into gear. With the third hit coming right during this New Moon, the consequences of America meddling in the Middle East will become very apparent. Perhaps America will exhibit some maturity by supporting Palestine’s September bid in the United Nations to become a state? Possibly, American citizens will refuse to support global “nation building” while their own communities rot. The US government is going to have to change directions quickly to avoid a second revolution on its soil, this time an uprising of chaotic street people joined by the impoverished middle class sick of paying for war.

As I’ve said many times, wars rarely end because people make peace; they end because the combatants are exhausted and rulers have run out of money. Therefore the most likely big event during Night Five, which ends on September 4, is the crashing of Western economic systems, which would curtail NATO, thus curtail the empire. Assuming Western powers will be forced to shrink during this lunar cycle, then what kind of opportunities might that open for us as individuals? Mars in 17 Cancer squares Saturn in 15 Libra, a mirror for the high degree of tension and insecurity in the world, but it also expresses the power we have as individuals to create our own security and grounding. As global aggression and new world order globalism shrinks back, new opportunities appear. A really good example of this is Iran.

I’ve been closely monitoring Iran, since President Ahmadinejad was elected at the exact mid-point of the Galactic Underworld on June 2, 2005. Therefore, in spite of what anybody said about him, I knew he would someday be recognized as a great leader in our times. The International Monetary Fund just reported that Iran’s economy is growing in spite of the tough economic sanctions imposed by the West. How can this be? Well, Iranians were forced to depend on their own bioregion for their needs when the sanctions forced them to cut back on oil subsidies to the people. The people get the money saved back as direct payments per person, which helps equalize their society. Human ingenuity instead of enforced globalism took over, the people are working hard and creating everything they need, and they may be the healthiest economy in the world right now! Thus, if globalism collapses because the Western powers are forced to stop policing the world, then countries can recover internally; you might have a chance again for a job, home, and a life. So, grasp the potential of this New Moon to solve practical Virgo issues right at home, and flow joyfully back into resonance and grounding.


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USA 1776 Founding Chart–July 4, 1776: View Chart All analysis of US politics uses some version for the foundation of America. This version is known as the Sibley chart.

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