Background on the FBI's relationship to ET/UFO and "The Vault"

To put the question of the veracity of the Roswell doc from the FBI’s recently released “Vault” in perspective, here are two excerpts from a long, historical, and very interesting document that details the FBI’s conflicted relationship with ET/UFO matters since 1947. The author, J. Antonio Hunneeus, is an Open Minds Investigative Reporter who has researched the UFO realm for 30 years.

Here’s a paragraph towards the beginning of the Hunneeus’s article:

The first batch of declassified FBI files–over 500 pages of documents–was obtained under the FOIA in 1977 by Dr. Bruce Maccabee. According to him, 40% are duplication of poor cases from air force files with many hoaxes, but “roughly 40% are teletype reports and transcripts concerning reasonably to very good UFO reports,” wrote Maccabee. The remaining 20% are FBI internal memoranda towards the UFO investigation, which shed additional light on the air force’s policies and attitudes. Dr. Maccabee has updated his earlier work in his book “The UFO/FBI Connection” (llewellyn Publishing).

And here’s how he ends the article:

You can now download and read documents released by the FBI Records: The Vault. Inspired no doubt by the TV show, the Bureau has posted its real files under the general category of “Unexplained Phenomenon” divided in the sub-categories “Animal Mutilation,” “Majestic 12,” “Project Blue Book,” “Roswell,” “Guy Hottel,” “NICAP,” “Extra-Sensory Perception,” and “UFO.” The Roswell file contains only one page, the famous July 8, 1947 FBI telex from Dallas referring to an object resembling a “weather balloon with a radar reflector” being flown to Wright Field, Ohio.

Roswell FBI File (click to view full document)Roswell FBI File (click to view full document) credit: FBI

The infamous, Roswell-related “Majestic 12” or MJ-12 documents (22 pages) fare even worse. The capsule description notes “this file relates to an FBI inquiry into the possible unauthorized disclosure of classified information when a document marked ‘Top Secret’ was made public. This investigation was closed after it was learned that the document was completely bogus.” The UFO sub-category, on the other hand, is huge (1600 pages), consisting of all the historical stuff discussed in this column. Check the documents by yourself. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (also freely available on the net) to download the documents.

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