Astrological notes: Assange, Trump, the U.S.A., and current transits

I’ve been wanting to do a post on Julian Assange for a long time. But the entire geopolitical situation regarding this singular figure is just so complex — as is, by the way, his astrological chart!

So I’m just scratching the surface here, or sketching in a possible framework for details.

If you want to try to understand the shifting sands of what “they” have on Assange, read the following post. I dare you to be able to summarize it, or even figure it out.

Abuses Show Assange Case Was Never About Law

It’s just so complicated! And so devastating, his decade long imprisonment in more and more horrific conditions. And now there’s the increasing concern for his health. He’s been moved to the hospital wing of Belmarsh; he’s lost a lot of weight; he can no longer speak clearly or hold a conversation. Is he being poisoned, many ask. I ask myself, is he deliberately letting go of life, not eating or drinking? — knowing that if he were extradited to the U.S. he would be expected (tortured?) to testify, and thus go against the principles that have defined the very foundation of wikileaks since its start in 2006.

Then there’s my fondest wish: that Assange would somehow end up on Trump’s plane as they left England, treated with deference, as true royalty. That Qanon was right, “We have the source.” And that this source will testify against the deep state, because even wikileaks stringent principles must be placed within a larger context..

But what if Qanon has been trolling us on this matter? Or what if Qanon is just another larp, distracting, preoccupying those desperate to see the world transform, and are waiting waiting, for a savior to do the job for them or a villain to make sure it will never happen, and so either way, they’re off the hook. These people, let’s face it, and they are in the millions, are still too lazy, or too out of touch with their own inherent magnificence to get off their fat butts and do it themselves! Each of us, please! Ask yourself: What are my gifts, and how can I use these gifts to begin transform the world in my own local area? I.e., how can I follow my own and highest dream, which will in turn help others?  

Julian Assange has been following his highest dream: to reveal the Truth of government corruption, especially as it is implicated in all the murderous acts that have to do with endless war. Unlike most, his integrity has been utterly intact through the years. Nothing knocks him off course, except, of course, the fact that he is a mortal man in this life, with a body that, by all accounts — thanks to having been cut off from internet and outside contact, plus lack of sun, exercise, and treatment for tooth abscesses and who knows what else — has been slowly, and now more dramatically, and possibly, terminally, failing.

I ask myself, what could Assange possibly do to free himself from this ongoing, accelerating nightmare? And the answer is, probably nothing. Once the deep state decides you’re a target, then you’re basically toast. As the following article points out, something I’ve thought and talked about for years: given the tendency of any bureaucracy to grow, expand, and given the  increasing layers of bureaucracy, and their laws — local, state, federal, international — constantly being created or expanded to curb some tiny or large aspect of human behavior, there is simply no way any of us can go through even the next ten minutes without breaking at least one law! And probably without knowing it!  It used to be that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Is this still true? Well, how could it be? Thus, we’re all constantly both ignorant and guilty, and furthermore, we’re all complicit, in allowing this metastasizing layering of legal and bureaucratic artifice to blanket the natural world.

The Deep State and the Deep Media

The point is, if you’re a deep state target, there’s nothing you can do about it, because no matter how rich and/or connected you are, its resources are essentially infinite compared to yours.

With all this in mind, I decided to look at the astrology chart of Julian Assange, and note one critical configuration that links him to both the U.S.A. chart and the chart of Donald Trump.



Yes, Julian was born on July 3, only one day before the birthday of the U.S.A. His nature is also that of a sensitive, family-oriented, tribal person, and like the U.S. chart, this Sun is also in the Scorpionic 8th house of other people’s money, of power.

But what really stands out in his chart is the condition of the Ascendant/Descendant axis, with both Jupiter in 27° Scorpio and Neptune at 0° Sagittarius conjunct, from the hidden 12th house, the 2° Sagittarian Ascendant, and this conjunction in turn opposing Saturn on the Descendant at 1° Gemini.

Briefly, one might say that he values (Jupiter) power (in Scorpio), and is spiritually concerned (Neptune) with telling the TRUTH (Sagittarian Ascendant) about its right and wrong uses. This huge (Jupiter), archetypal (Neptune) concern of his is implacably opposed by the state (Saturn), which seeks to imprison (Saturn) him, cut him off (Saturn) from the information he needs (Gemini) to do his work.

And while his Saturn may be in the area that is usually projected onto the Other (7th house), on an inner level, that Saturn represents his own deeply held intransigence, his refusal to compromise wikileak principles by revealing whistleblower sources.

Couple this situation with the fact that his Mercury, at 24° Cancer, sits on the exact degree as the Mercury of the U.S.A. chart, and you can imagine just how much he knows (Mercury, the mind) about especially this country’s secretive power-mongering (U.S. Mercury opposes U.S. Pluto: extreme tendency to hold secrets for “National Security”).

Now let’s add one more twist to this tale, and that is a crucial, and, via transits, a currently relevant linkage among Assange, the U.S.A., and Donald Trump. For background, please read and/or review the post I wrote two days ago about Trump and the U.S.A., concerning especially current transits to his Venus/Saturn conjunction, at 23°-25° Cancer, exactly upon both the U.S.A. and the Assange Mercury. Bingo.

What will this three-way conjunction portend? I have no idea, but I am very interested in the fact that transit Saturn and Pluto, now at 18°-22° Capricorn, are coming to the exact opposition to 24° Cancer position held by all three: Assange, the U.S.A. and Trump; that all three will be working with this same degree area transits for the next year, and that, starting in a few days, and for the following two weeks, transit Mars, now at 12° — as a swifter moving planet that tends to triggers longer transits, usually working a bit ahead of them — will be moving directly over this very specialized 24° Cancer degree present in the Mercury’s of both the U.S.A. and the Venus/Saturn of Donald Trump.

Will there be some situation that brings the three together? If so, how? I am not optimistic. I wish I were. Assange is being used as a scapegoat by the deep state. And it may be that either Trump is complicit or he is powerless to change the outcome.

Please let me be wrong.

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1 Response to Astrological notes: Assange, Trump, the U.S.A., and current transits

  1. Laura Bruno says:

    Very interesting about the US Mercury and these two men! No wonder they’re so linked. What’s the Sabian symbol for 22, 23 and 24 degrees Cancer?

    “A woman awaiting a sailboat” 22 Cancer
    “Meeting of a literary society” 23 Cancer
    “A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south” 24 Cancer

    A woman (USA?) and two men (Assange and Trump)? Or is Assange “the woman awaiting a sailboat” followed by a meeting and then looking at what it all means for the Southern border? Interesting times.

    As you know, I see that Neptune in Sag on the Ascendant as key to Assange having been able to tolerate his long, solitary imprisonment as well as he has without (yet) going mad. But Neptune’s also a planet of illusions and of sacrificing too much for an ideal. Will Neptune undo his Saturnian ideas of right action or refusal? I continue sending Reiki and other healing energy to the US, DJT and Assange. Mercury’s a trickster and a psychopomp. It would be interesting to see what comes out in the sad event of Assange’s death … or what comes out if he willingly decides to testify.

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