Astrologer Eric Francis, on Mars, Eris/Uranus, and how the ongoing 150° aspect between them is mirrored below.

I very much appreciated this video with Eric Francis Coppolino, who, like all of us, is suffering from current fast-paced traumatizing events, and unlike most of us who are still trying to act “civilized,” is not afraid to show it. Also very much appreciated his statement that he’s realizing that he’s reached his limit of being able to figure out what’s going on, and that, in fact, the only event in this century that he’s certain was a “false flag” is 9/11.

Eric has been emphasizing the current, extremely rare, background conjunction between far-away discontented Eris and unpredictable Uranus in hot-blooded, initiatory Aries which then, gets triggered during aspects with short-cycled planets, like this 150° aspect to Mars in Scorpio which is still, still! only one degree from where it turned to go direct on June 25th at 23°02 Scorpio. Mars usually moves at a rate of one degree every two days; it’s as if we’re experiencing a grinding, crushing boot on the head and gut.

Huge anger releasing, like boils on the surface of the skin, which, BTW, I personally, with my own natal Taurus Moon at 23°02 Taurus —  exactly opposite the Mars in Scorpio station — personally experienced this Mars in Scorpio release, via a total of 40 or 50 boils, during one three week period, ending one week ago. An old, hot infection, surfacing. On this globe now, old infections, surfacing. Asking for release. And we’re not done, not by a long shot.

Get and stay centered. Become an island of tranquility in a turbulent sea. The more of us who consciously intend to hold this loving frequency, both individually and together, whether in the same space or across the world, the more likely we are to both weather the ongoing storm intact, and to utilize it to, as Eric Francis intones, so eloquently, “WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

“In this edition I look back at the past two weeks of global insanity, and put it in the context of the current astrology. The first chart I look at is that for the Nice, France incident. Then I look at the Capricorn Full Moon chart, an event exact Tuesday.”




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