As Impeachment Trial ramps up: DISTRACTIONS

Just in time for the Senate to consider arguments in defense of President Trump, we are bludgeoned by a series of distractions, each one worth its salt and ramifying in many directions. This morning, X22 Report, a daily news analysis that I read before anything else, summed it up on twitter:

I confess, this is the first time I’ve ever paid attention to the name “Kobe Bryant.” Indeed, I didn’t even know he was a famous basketball player! Since my own little info silo doesn’t include professional sports, I’m not  surprised. On the other hand, clearly, I now discover, Kobe is a huge name, and his death an earth-shaking event for sports fans. Does it arise to the level of importance that would lead to a state funeral? If so, that would explain the very latest Q-post:

Otherwise, will they roll out Jimmy Carter’s funeral as further distraction? Or will it be Queen Elizabeth?

Meanwhile, the rabbit hole that Kobe’s death opens up yawns wide and deep. It’s not just the long-ago rape charge, but much, much more, including predictions of his death by helicopter many years ago, occult references, and a strange, disturbing video. To begin to get the flavor of what one Q follower seems to have dredged up, check out this thread:

BTW: I saw this photo today and was struck by the fact that Kobe kissed his little daughter on the mouth. That freaked me out, until I saw that it’s quite common. Should I be even more freaked out that it’s common? Or am I just an old fuddy-duddy.


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