As “golf” begins to loses its former cachet . . .

This morning I caught sight of a very interesting headline in the local paper:

South Bend Golf Course Could Become Nature Preserve

Wow! Why had I not seen this idea anywhere before? I looked further. There are already 200 of these transformed golf courses in the U.S.

This excites me. I remember flying into Palm Springs, California, stunned by all the golf courses splayed out below. How many? This, from Golf Digest, no less:

Caifornia: How to reconcile a drought with 124 desert golf courses

Searching further, I see where one man is creating “bio-islands” within an existing golf course . . .

Roaring Fork Club scores an environmental ace

And even better, here’s an exopermaculture repost from 2013:

Priorities Switch: Suburban amenities morph from golf courses to farms

But then I notice, when googling “golf course and farms,” that a lot of golf courses have the word “farm” in their names, and so, I imagine, used to be farms . . .

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.55.52 AM.png

Anywhere you look, you can find rabbit holes, conundrums, things changing, back and forth, one “reality” into another and back again. Hopefully, the trend is towards recognizing our interdependence with all beings; hopefully we increases capacity for regeneration, resilience . . . But who knows? I keep my eyes and mind and heart wide open to this inclusive possibility. Let us see all species — human, animal, plant, mineral, water — intermingling “the way Nature intended.” Because She did, and She still does.




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