ARKCroneCast Weekly Updates: March 4, 2020

March 11: Oops! Forgot to post this last Wednesday. Will also post the one for this week, next. Sorry!

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CroneCast #15 | The Second Half of Any Cycle

Description: In this video I illustrate the felt quality within the circular/cyclical nature of Time by reviewing cycles of various lengths, focusing on the experience of the second half of any cycle as compared to that of the first half. Examples: the two year Mars cycle of “hot sex” in relationship; the aging process as illustrated through the three 30-year Saturn cycles; the second half of any strong, primary relationship cycle of any length; and the second half of the Saturn/Pluto cycle as experienced by the U.S.A. I then look more closely at  my own Recapitulation Project wherein, at the age of 77, I am pondering the immense treasury of journals and essays that I generated over 50 years — only to discover that I began this Recap Project when Saturn had reached the opposition to itself, thus beginning the second (and closing) half of my own third cycle of Saturn.

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CroneCast #11 | Trust

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Description: This year’s powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction spurs me to ask: what is “trust”? And are there two kinds of trust, one associated with Saturn, and the other with Pluto? This discussion centers around responses to that question, and implications for our lives. Without realizing it, society teaches us to value Saturn trust over Pluto trust. What happens when we break out, move from one to the other?

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