ARKCroneCast Updates for May 29, 2020: How I Got into Astrology (video); Dreams, as a Dialogue with the Soul (audio)

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CroneCast #27 || How I Got Into Astrology (video)


Why would a person with a Ph.D. in Philosophy succumb to the “nonsense” of astrology? As my medical doctor dad asked: “why are you wasting your good brain?”

Looking back now, I realize that I utilized astrology to help me switch from left brain dominance to right/left brain integration, and the story of how I did that moves from trivial encounters with astrology when young, through telling my teacher in graduate school that I wanted to “do a paper on Time” (to which he responded, “No, that’s much too difficult),” to the recognition, after I did begin to learn astrology, that I was now actually studying, not just Time, but the movement of Time (cycles) through Space.

But how did I get there? Via a strange, circuituous route, that began in graduate school, with a “breakdown” that was actually a breakthrough, and ended up a few years later with me sitting at a kitchen table, defeated, lost and confused, wondering if astrology could help me make sense of what had happened to me. P.S. It did!

BTW: Astrology is not a “belief system;” astrology is a language. A symbolic language. To begin to study astrology is to automatically open up the right brain.

If interested, you might begin by reading Dane Rudyhar, for example, his Astrology of Personality (1970). Widely known as the founder of “humanistic astrology,” Rudyhar brought the old mechanistic, fate-oriented astrology into the 20th century.


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CroneCast #20 || Chapter 5, Dreams as a Dialogue with the Soul (audio)

from the book, My Secret Life, 10 Tools For Transformation


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