ARKCroneCast Updates for January 29, 2020


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CroneCast #10 | Light and Shadow

“Shadow work” has always been on my plate. I begin to investigate it here, now, during this historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction time, focusing  on how inner work finds expression, usually through projection, in daily life. I give examples: two small, current dramas plus one, much more extended and astonishing, from way back in my 40s.

As of today, free to public/Youtube subscribers is the follow-up from last week’s public audio offering, #6a: How I Stopped Smoking. Today’s public CroneCast #6b | A Metaphysical Approach to Addiction.

I was invited to give this talk in 1987 as a presentation to the annual meeting of the Wyoming Psychological Association. That was likely the very first time those folks had ever been introduced to how we can view addiction from the perspective of “getting stuck” in particular astrological time cycles. As I recall, the audience reaction seemed muted. As in, “huh”? I like to think that now, nearly 40 years later, at least some psychologists do utilize astrology to help understand their clients. 

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PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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