ARKCroneCast offerings for August 1, 2020: Patreon Video: Living the Catastrophe, Part I; Free Audio: How I Learned Astrology

Today’s new video for patrons:

CroneCast #33 || Living the Catastrophe: Part 1, The Energy of Expectation


Description: Or: expecting the apocalypse. The word apocalypse means: The revealing. We are inside the apocalypse now. These ARE the “end times.” The end times of a predatory form of capitalism and its fiat monetary system that assumes infinite “progress” (and use of oil, gas, other elements inside the earth body) on a finite planet.

In this video I detail all sorts of expected End Points I myself have participated in from the time I was two years old until now. One I did not mention however, is “Climate Change,” or: DOOM — in ten years, five years, 20 years — depends upon which doomer you be-LIE-ve in. I see “Climate Change” (or: Global Warming, or: Global Cooling) as an instantiation of the impossibility of infinite growth (of population and material resources) on a finite planet.


Free on Patreon and for Youtube Subscribers this week:

CroneCast #30 | Chapter 9: Astrology Part 2, How I Learned Astrology | Ten Tools For Transformation


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