ARKCroneCast for Sunday, October 25, 2020: Video on Community, Free audio on Death

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CroneCast #45 || Communities I Have Lived In, Part 1: Yurt Park in the Tetons


The dichotomy, division, polarity, paradox, between individual and community is one that I have long experimented with in my even longer life. Usually they emphasize either “community” OR “individual.” To me, the key is to embrace both, equally, in a dynamic, and highly creative, tension. To embrace this and other polarities/paradoxes is our goal in Green Acres Permaculture Village, now about ten years old, and counting.

Yurt Park, in Jackson Hole, across from the Grand Teton in the village of Kelly, Wyoming, was a particularly stark example of emphasis on the individual, despite that we were living as a group in ten yurts with a common bathhouse. I lived there off and on, mostly on, for about 12 years, back in the late ‘80s through 2002.


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CroneCast #42 || Chapter 15 || Death, Part 2: Kathryn

from the audiobook, Ten Tools for Transformation of the Self



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