Remember, back in the early part of this year, on February 12, to be exact (I just looked it up!), I said I was going to start a cronecast? You might want to read or re-read that post (I did!), as it pretty well sums up what I want to do.

Cronecast — Here I go!

Back in mid-February I assumed I would begin this new venture right then. But it’s taken me until now, slightly more than nine months later, to actually begin. A very human pregnancy you might call it!

Luckily, Gabrielle Price, an old soul double Gemini who has lived in this Village for a year, is the official producer, with her Gabracadabra Studios, or I might not have ever actually launched it, since audio and visual require skills that frankly, I’d prefer not having to learn. Gabby is the age of my sons, and so much more tech savvy. She’s also a proto-crone, and learning FAST.

In the original post on this subject I posted a chart for the moment I decided I would launch the cronecast. You might call it the conception chart. The delivery chart, which is scheduled for 2:12 PM today, November 20, was actually pushed back, first from November 15, then from November 18. Why? Because Mercury turns to go direct today, after three weeks retrograde, and I realized, after lots of snafus, that I simply couldn’t begin this venture under Mercury Rx. Which is not surprising, since after all, this new venture involves, language, communication, the voice! (I had assumed I could start under Mercury Rx, since I started my astrological practice way back in 1976 under Mercury Rx, and it was enormously successful. But nope! Had to wait until Mercury turned.)

Okay. I altered the date twice, told Gabrielle about it a couple of weeks ago, and assumed that I had chosen the time, 2:12 PM, because that’s when transit Jupiter, now exactly conjunct my natal 27° Sagittarian Sun would be near conjunct to the 21° Sagittarian MC of the launch chart (and thus the path); and furthermore, this 21° Sagittarius also happens to be exactly the degree on my natal Ascendant. So bingo!

I looked at the Ascendant for this launch chart, with Neptune right on it, at 15° Pisces. Oh, perfect! Sagittarian TRUTH interfaces with Piscean LOVE!

Then, today, still looking at the launch chart I had chosen a few weeks ago, I wondered, when today does Mercury turn? I figured it would be sometime this morning. But no! I HAD ORIGINALLY SET UP THIS CHART BECAUSE 2:12 PM HAPPENS TO BE THE MOMENT WHEN MERCURY TURNS!

Which makes those planets at the MC and Neptune at the Ascendant a double BINGO — since these two points on any chart, the Ascendant and Midheaven, are where the subject of that chart MEETS THE WORLD (personally, the Ascendant; publicly, the Midheaven). And since these two angles of the chart move very fast, one degree every four minutes, can you see why I considered their positions in the chart, right on or near those two points, astoundingly amazing?

But wait. It gets even better. I then wondered. How about the transit Neptune/Ascendant combo . . . any further discoveries? Answer, YES: These two happen to be conjunct my progressed Sun (which moves one degree per year ).

Here’s how progressions work; use me as an example: I was born a fiery 27° Sagittarian  Three years (and three degrees) later my progressed Sun moved into Capricorn and I refused to be touched, became a good girl, obedient. Thirty years later (one degree per year, remember; thirty degrees per sign), my progressed Sun moved into Aquarius, years when my experiments with groups of people for various causes ramped up. Then, 30 years (and 30 degrees) after that, my progressed Sun moved into Pisces: this is when my husband Jeff died, and his soul has been present with me in the invisible realms ever since. My progressed Sun is now halfway through Pisces.

Oh my goddess! I just realized, doing my Progressed Sun chart for today, November 20, 2019, that I am currently in a Progressed New Moon phase as it occurs at 15° Pisces, which also happens to be occurring right on the progressed Ascendant, which is conjunct the Ascendant for the chart for the beginning of this new venture, the cronecast! Progressed Moons happen only every 30 years or so, and of course, like all new moons, signal a new beginning. Here’s the progressed chart for today. Remember, we are talking “progressions,” which are very slow-moving; so the fact that this chart lines up exactly with the much faster transit chart for the moment of the launch feels exceedingly uncanny!


Only those familiar with the language of astrology, and how various planetary and other time cycles work, will be able to grok the extraordinary layered synchronicities of this day. Just know that there is good reason why I had to wait nine months, until November 20, at 2:12, to launch the ARC CroneCast! And know too, that by following along with the weekly CroneCasts, you too will familiarize yourself with the language of astrology, and thus with the interplay of time and space in this third dimension.

Here’s the transit chart for the official launch/birth at 2:12 PM today, chosen, remember, because it’s the moment when Mercury turns to go direct from three weeks retrograde.




And here’s my original natal chart, the pattern under which my soul chose to be born, showing Neptune at the Midheaven (my path), and the Sun/Ascendant in late Sagittarius, where transit Jupiter is crossing, NOW.

All in all, I’d say my life has been a rollicking dynamic of learning how to fuse TRUTH with LOVE: Sagittarian Sun/Ascendant and Mars with Neptune (ruler of Pisces) on the Midheaven). And since I’m originally Sagittarian, Truth (wisdom) has been easier for me. What’s hard is Love. I’ve been “progressing” into Love, especially during these last 15 years. Like everyone I know, I’ve been on a difficult journey. And yet, when I consider the experiences of my nearly 77 years via interlocking and interlacing flowing arcs of time through space, it’s been downright miraculous.

Which is why the very first ARK Cronecast will chronicle the evolution of my understanding of the nature of LOVE.

See next post for the launch. which I will put up at 2:12 PM this afternoon.

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  1. James says:

    for future cronecasts, a link for the video access well ahead of time would be much appreciated – so we can put it in our calendars and have it pop up a clickable link when the time is right – so we don’t have to go digging around for the appropriate blog post to find a link

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