ARK CroneCast Launches Today! AND HERE WE GO . . . .

See this morning’s post:

Gabby and I aim to put this up at exactly 2:12 PM. We’ll see. And trying to do it simultaneously with a Patreon page. We’ll see about that too!

Meanwhile, here’s my intro video:


And here’s the written introduction, also for Patreon.

How do we move from chronic desire and dissatisfaction, to fulfillment in every moment? How do we move from scarcity to abundance, from feeling as if there is a HOLE in our very being to actually becoming WHOLE? How do we move from feeling lonely to being alone (all-one)?

Come with me as one old woman shares stories of various space/time arcs that create meaning in her all-too-human life. Utilizing the language of astrology as a conceptual and symbolic framework for viewing significant events and processes, I demonstrate, with my own living herstory, how strings of cause and effect converge into nodes, which branch out again, on and on, a never-ending tapestry of seeking, suffering, and its release into compassion.

As you will learn, the main themes in my life have been the search for Truth, the surrender to Love, and the frisson between them that generates the evolutionary thrust.

In this cronecast I aim to ignite a shared culture of teaching and healing stories that help reconnect us to our inner lives, to each other and to the natural world. At some point I will open this cronecast to interviews with others who share this vision and practice of combining Truth and Love, Teaching and Healing. Each of us, in our divine essence, is both a Genius and a Saint! Only we don’t know it! Not yet. Let us begin.

November 20, 2019: Audio, Essay: A Discourse on Love: Two parts, about 45 minutes total, detailing the evolution of my understanding of LOVE.

November 27, 2019: Video: Story of how I discovered the real value of money.

December 4, 2019: Audio: Reading from one chapter of my book THIS VAST BEING: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation.

December 11, 2019: Video: Story of my dramatic, year-long journey with a “bad man.”

Break (until January 8, 2020)


The first cronecast (in two parts, each about 20 minutes) to celebrate the launch of the Patreon is free. Here’s Part I.

My first live video will also be free. After that, you will need to decide whether or not learning this way of right/left brain and mind/heart integration is worth it for you. (Some will be made publicly avaialable at a later date.) I sure hope you do! I’d like nothing better than to ignite a shared culture where we return to the olden days of telling our personal stories around the campfire, paying attention to what we learned from any process of any length. And of course, periodically stirring the embers, seeing what ghostly images from the past appear next!

Patreon is there, it’s just being tweaked for launch in the next hour.  not quite ready, but will be later today. We did light a candle at the 2:12 moment. It’s now 2:26 as I go to post this.


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2 Responses to ARK CroneCast Launches Today! AND HERE WE GO . . . .

  1. Laura Bruno says:

    Weird! Now “your” videos are posting Bill de Blasio and the Matrix video. I just listened to your videos but now they aren’t showing up.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Do you have autoplay on? Gabby says if you do that would happen. My youtube channel doesn’t share other people’s videos, it just randomly chooses one.

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