Aries Action Event: April 15, 2011 NYC Concert and Protest,

Get that? Not the banksters’ economy. OURS. Let’s show them who’s the real boss. People power.

April 15, 2011

Union Square Park

(across from one branch of Bank of America)

New York City

As Chris Hedges says:

“The phrase consent of the governed has been turned into a cruel joke. There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs. Civil disobedience is the only tool we have left.”

From the

Sounds of Resistance are Growing Join Americans Fed Up With Big Finance

Americans Across the Country are Joining the Culture of Resistance – You Are Needed!

By Kevin Zeese

Are you tired of big banks making record profits, paying giant executive salaries and bonuses and then cooking the books so they avoid paying taxes? We are. And, we are responding. Join us.

On April 15 in Union Square Park in New York City at 11:00 AM we are holding a “Sounds of Resistance Concert” and protest against the big corporate banks that have undermined the U.S. economy and displaced families from their homes. Big Finance has taken more than a trillion from the Department of Treasury and Federal Reserve to pay for their casino gambling on Wall Street but they are still forcing people out of their homes, not lending to small businesses and choking the economy.

The concert will feature political hip-hop/rock powerhouse Junkyard Empire with special guests Broadcast Live and Sketch the Cataclysm. Chris Hedges will speak about the growing culture of resistance. Other performers and speakers are invited.

The protest will include a picket of the Union Square Bank of America – a major culprit in the great rip off of the American taxpayer.

This concert and protest are part of the effort to build the urgently needed movement to shift power to the people and away from concentrated capital interests.

BTW: Here’s the astro chart for the event. April 15 2011. The chart features the signature architecture of the the 2011 cardinal grand cross of initiation in a big way, by placing Cancer 14° on the Ascendant, exactly conjunct the U.S. A. natal Sun! Looks to me like somebody timed this event with “the stars” in mind. And if the organizers didn’t plan it that way, perhaps off-worlders, who currently watch our struggling planet on their ships in our solar system and know the potency of planetary geometrical configurations like this cardinal cross, whispered in the organizers’ ears: April 15, April 15, April 15, 11 AM, 11 AM, 11 AM. . .

Here we go, folks. Just another Uranus/Jupiter/Mercury/Sun in Aries event showing courage, initiative, and global reach . . .

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