Are you fighting/arguing with your neighbors? Your lover(s), spouse, friends, colleagues? Your fellow followers? If so, READ ON.


This is an excellent psychological, sociological, and philosophical analysis of what I see as two elemental and deep foundational requirements for spacious, creative, collaborative human community. Community the way Nature intended.

Does Nature have closed systems?

Do individuals of all Her other species live with the same level of development?

If you answered NO to both these questions, then not only are you ready for this post, you might have written it yourself. Grateful.

And BTW: Any time we detect a fissure between two world-views — and let’s face it, every single person has a different world-view, or “point of view,” i.e., point from which to view the world; unless, of course, the person’s thinking process has been stuffed and stuck into some kind of dogmatic, fundamentalist closed system — yes, any time we communicate with any other human being, this kind of spacious, multidimensional thinking is required to bridge the gap.

In other words, it’s not just the disclosure community at issue here, though admittedly, what could be more out-of-the-box than ET? For if we are not alone, then all our boring 3D (logical, rational) cultural “closed system” ways of thinking and operating erupt like the ongoing Kileaua volcano. Both are agonizingly long-running and ruinous/creative paradigm-and-earth-shattering events that feel both appropriate and symbolic, now that wild, unpredictable Uranus, on May 15, inched its way across 0° Taurus and launched its seven year journey through this most earthy, stubborn, security-oriented sign.

Thanks to bluedragonjournal:

Open Systems and Levels of Development in Disclosure Communities


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