Are Recent New York City UFOs ET?

I’d seen this video in a number of places, but never with a commentary, which, to me, made it more “plausible,” “believable,” or whatever you want to call our 3D eyes trying to discern what’s CGI, what’s “real” in this youtube world that has exploded our use of cell phones as cameras. Catch as catch can!

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NEW YORK CITY UFOs w/comments from Sheldan Nidle – (Video)

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Date: Tuesday, 26-Jun-2012 14:43:43

NEW YORK CITY UFOs w/comments from Sheldan Nidle – (Video)

Here’s a fantastic video of Galactic Ships caught on camera in New York City on June 23 and 24.

I asked Sheldan if he could identify the ships. He became really excited because he often doesn’t receive this clear video.

The first ship is an atmospheric Pleiadean Mothership. Its purpose is to monitor the atmosphere for that sector of Earth. It houses 47 smaller scout ships and drones. During the last minute of the video, you can see one of the atmospheric Pleiadean scout ships. Also around 5:57 you will see a Sirian (sphere) atmospheric ship. They were monitoring the fault line and cleaning the pollution. This lady sure did capture a lot on camera. Fascinating!


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