Are our assumptions about resource limits false?

And if so, what are the implications?

Note: this post skips lightly over a number of exceedingly deep subjects. Mea culpa.

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I came across this post last night —

Abiotic Oil, Peak Oil, and Saudi Arabia

—which reminded me of another energy source, supposedly “limited,” but perhaps actually constantly being replenished within Mother Earth: primary water.

So, I decided to google the two together: “abiotic oil and primary water.”

And yep, another article that I hadn’t noticed earlier:

Are oil and water shortages manufactured in order to control the economy and human populations? A closer look at abiotic petroleum and primary water

Now, while I don’t agree with the paranoid premise, that “shortages are manufactured in order to control,” I certainly do want to entertain the idea that both these resources might actually be in “infinite” supply, only constrained by the time it takes Mother Earth to keep on replenishing them from materials deep within her.

I doubt, for example, that a man of deep integrity, Richard Heinberg, who popularized perhaps more than anyone else the notion of “peak oil,” has been busily pulling the wool over people’s eyes with his books, including the first one: The Party’s Over.

Though of course, it may be, and probably is, true that corporatized nation states do utilize the increasingly common deep assumption of scarcity, that as the Earth is a finite planet, so are her resources, to manipulate all sorts of situations to their advantage.

Even so, the question pops up immediately: IF it’s true that both these terrestrial resources are actually not limited, and if we then merrily keep on using up what’s available knowing that there’s always more, then what does that mean for climate change? Won’t allowing even more oil to be burned just release even more carbon into the air, exacerbating our predicament?

But of course, most of us don’t know about abiotic oil and primary water. And furthermore, theories about them may not be true. And even if we did know, wouldn’t it be wise to continue what those of us who are waking up are doing, namely letting go of the selfish need to accumulate more and more material stuff while ignoring or trampling both those who have not enough food, water, or shelter to even live — and Earth herself, her need for relief from human predation?

In any case, it seems to me that the need for “growth” at any cost, while universal to all living things until maturity, may, in the case of self-aware humans, transform into the need for spiritual growth, growth in compassion, wisdom, kindness.

And moreover, in any case, if theories about the natural replenishment of supposedly “finite” resources are true, then geopolitics has not caught up with (admittedly still “alternative”) science: witness Syria and the entire mideast, on continuous nuclear alert at this point, thanks to the two nuclear megapowers, the U.S. and Russia, facing off, closer and closer, with actual boots on the ground and air power. All to determine who “wins” the battle for mideast oil.

Ye goddess! Hard to believe that we got here, but here we are . . .





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