April Fool’s Day! Personal, and “Top 20”

In my family, the story goes that Mom’s mom, aka “Nana,” used to call to Mom’s dad, Leo, aka “Potts,” from the bottom floor of the two story St. Cloud Minnesota home (that he had built with his own hands before they were married) up to his bedroom, yelling “Leo, Leo, phone for you!” And he would lumber, half asleep, down the stairs, to be greeted with, “APRIL FOOL!” Every year. Every single year. And every year our family told that story about Mom’s folks on April Fool’s Day at breakfast. Every year we laughed.

Here’s a few more well known, or public, or important — or not!

Top 20 April Fool’s Hoaxes

As judged by notoreity, creativity, and number of people duped


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