April 15th 2014: on Tax Day, USA, Rumblings from Below

AP: Elaine Scholtz waves at cars Wednesday in front of Liberty Tax Service in Laconia, N.H. Via cleveland.com.

Tax Day Protest: Elaine Scholtz waves at cars Wednesday in front of Liberty Tax Service in Laconia, N.H. Image Associated Press via cleveland.com

On this tax day, April 15, 2014, here are two meaty pieces to ponder. The first is written from within the brilliant, new (and very very old), open-sourced, networked, deeply textured and resilient sharing economy that is leaping ahead in countries already forced into “austerity”; the second parses just what the big bad U.S. Internal Revenue Service actually, legally and politically serves, deserves, and possibly, doesn’t even “require” from its citizens as we continue to robotically sweat blood, tears and hard-earned money to fuel endless wars that we, the people, do not agree to, and that innocents elsewhere suffer and die from.

So how about it? Will we be ready, say by April 15, 2015, for U.S. Comprehensive Disobedience? Will “austerity” here have ratcheted up enough by then to inflict us with the terminal creative, disciplined drive to shrug off coercion and embrace cooperation?

Comprehensive Disobedience: Occupying the Sharing Economy in Spain


Are you Aiding and Abetting the IRS?


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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    “In this interview with Sacred Matrix, I address three initiatives that I will take if elected President of the United States in 2016, first, wage a peace offensive in which I will go before the UN and ask major world powers to cut their defense spending in half and dedicate the amount saved to humanitarian purposes such as feeding, housing, healing, and educating people; second, launch a US program to implement global teleportation by 2020; and third, sponsor a bold and revolutionary tax proposal intended to recapitalize the American people consisting of a single tax of 1% on withdrawals from federally insured banks, which will raise $26 trillion to fund the federal and state governments, with the 50% of federal revenues distributed to the states on a per capita basis, the elimination of all other taxes, and the surplus used to fund Individual Prosperity Accounts to share more equitably the net proceeds of economic activity.” — Andrew D. Basiago

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    The Prosperity Account is similar to owning your own bank. I remember during the Keating Hearing on where did all our money go?


    “Well Senator, Geeez I don’t know, … we bought the jet and the boat, threw a lot of parties with women and all, … and the rest we just wasted.”

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    Excuse me, that guote was paraphrased.

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