Apocaloptimism yields rich rewards . . .



Yep. “Apocaloptimist” just about nails it!

So then I noticed three tiny words at the bottom, “Grandmothers Against Bullshit.” Hey, I can get behind that! They have a fb page, and a great logo. And I notice that whoever runs this page has been, as she says, so preoccupied with trying to educate Washington voters on the stakes of Prop 522 (GMO labeling; unfortunately, the bill lost) that she’s neglected the page and hopes somebody else will take up the banner.

Meanwhile, through Grandmothers Against Bullshit, I found the alluring title “She Sings to the Stars,” and since I too have sung to the stars for millennia, I just had to see what that was about. Here’s their website, and the trailer to a new movie, don’t know whether it’s out yet. But following the trail of synchronicities like these always yields riches beyond measure. It’s part of what makes me an apocaloptimist.

(P.S., when you click on the website, don’t forget to turn up the sound.)


Published on Aug 4, 2013

A Native American grandmother, who seems to live very simply alone in the desert, actually inhabits a world that her half-Hispanic grandson and an aging white magician, stranded at her doorstep, are surprised to rediscover.

A.K.: Reminds me of the wonderful “Don Juan” books by Carlos Casteneda that we all devoured way back when (ignorant “civilized” guy wanders into a sorcerer’s lair . . . ), along with Doris Lessing and R.D. Laing and Anais Nin and all the others who saw within behind beyond the scrim of ’50s appearances.

It’s time we stepped between the lines again.

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