Another Bernie Backgrounder, from Politico

And see this. Bernie is definitely a human being I can relate to. He comes out of the same exciting, revolutionary, messy, crazy-making era, has the same idealistic values, lived in the same (precarious) way for decades, and has always pointed his big, unswerving heart and soul towards a transformed future.

BTW: This backgrounder is less coy and tongue-in-cheek than the one from the New York Times. And I appreciate the way Michael Kruse allowed the story to end, by telling how Bernie, with his straight-up answer to Kruse’s insistent, yellow journalistic probe into Sanders’ sensitive, personal “secret,” threw this and other such idiotic attempts to take down those who truly do have the public interests at heart into high relief. Kruse had the grace to hold himself up to ridicule. Did Bernie’s straight up and refreshing honesty inspire Kruse? Let’s hope that Bernie can inspire the rest of us to stand up and be counted as well.

Of course, one can always ask: does it matter? Or will the PTB kill Bernie if he starts to overtake Hillary? I prefer not to go there. Let’s not go there. Let’s dream of that transformed future so powerfully and with such dedication through our combined collective intent and action that it comes to pass. With or without Bernie. As he says, “It’s not about me. It’s about you.”

Politico, July 9, 2015, via Rose.



Bernie Sanders Has A Secret

Vermont, his son and the hungry early years that made him the surging socialist he is today

Oh wow, and see this! Just in from Salon!

America is ready for socialism! Massive majorities back Bernie Sanders on the issues — and disdain Donald Trump

I especially appreciated the subtitle to this story:

“Trump channels the right’s angry Fox News id. But Sanders speaks to America’s soul — and our values



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