Another “Ascension” hint? NASA, David Icke, and the Moon/Saturn Matrix

NASA has released an unusually eerie, even ominous photo of Saturn “in celebration of the 2012 holiday season.” This puts me in mind of what David Icke says about the “Saturn/Moon Matrix.” A video clip and excerpt from that clip follow the NASA photo and story.

BTW: Icke’s claims about the Saturn/Moon Matrix dovetail precisely with my experience — both personally and as an astrologer — of how the 29.5 day cycle of the Moon keeps us hormonally tied to tiny repeating cycles and the 29.5 year cycle of Saturn locks us into societal structures beyond which we cannot see — until we attune to larger orders, beginning with the outer planet cycles of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and beyond. But to do this is to leap off the cliff of mind-controlled “rationality” into the mysterious living universe.

Are we ready? Let’s go! Perhaps this is what we mean by “Ascension,” supposedly due to begin? to peak? early tomorrow, December 21, 2012.

Saturn’s Shadow: Nasa Unveils Dramatic ‘Backlit’ Photo Of Ringed Planet

December 12, 2012

by Michael Rundle

Huffington Post UK

Nasa has unveiled a dramatic new view of Saturn and its rings.

The image was taken while the Cassini spacecraft was in Saturn’s shadow, producing an eerie, backlit effect.

The glorious mosaic view was captured in 60 separate stages by the craft which has been in orbit around the planet for more than eight years.

Nasa said:

“Looking back towards the sun is a geometry referred to by planetary scientists as “high solar phase;” near the center of your target’s shadow is the highest phase possible. This is a very scientifically advantageous and coveted viewing position, as it can reveal details about both the rings and atmosphere that cannot be seen in lower solar phase.”

Two of Saturn’s moons – Enceladus and Tethys – can be seen in the picture.

The space agency said it was releasing the image “in celebration of the 2012 holiday season”, and added the image shows more detail than the famous “In Saturn’s Shadow” image from 2006 which also included a glimpse of Earth.

Cassini is a cooperative project by Nasa, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.


“The Saturn/Moon Matrix is a frequency band that is generating a fake reality, which we are decoding into what seems to be a real reality. The genetic manipulation has tuned us into it and created this cycle of “round and round the garden.”

“Look at us! We are infinite consciousness, infinite awareness! But we are locked into these cycles to which we respond. Work buy consume die — that’s what it is! The matrix creates a fire wall that holds us from seeing further into the energy field and holds us in this tiny frequency band we call visible light.”

“It is everywhere. It is all around us. It is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes. Like everyone else you were born into prison, into bondage, a prison for your mind.”

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  1. lao says:

    Change comes first from within. Meditate more and learn to quiet the chatter until your soul comes through. Feel and resonate the awakening’s truth vibrations. We are all one. No longer will we compete with each other.

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