Annals of Mask: another great one!

Thanks to podmate Gabby, who designed this mask and had zazzle make it. I ordered one too, for when I don’t want to wear my Trump/JFK mask.

I especially love the look in her eyes. Exactly matches what she feels about this local and state-wide directive to control our behavior and therefore our minds.

Here’s the link if you want one like it.

As she says, it’s the comic book version of WTF!

I still do think that it’s best to either make fun of, or utilize for larger purposes, the stupid “pandemic” rules rather than actively defy them. At least so far. That may change.

But damn! Absolutely no reaction in Aldi’s just now to my Trump/JFK Jr. mask. Hmmm. . . Is everybody so preoccupied they can’t even see the strange, logic-defyiing, message in front of them, even when so very obvious?

Or . . . maybe they’re better at disguising their shock than I expected?

Darn. And to think I used to “fear” wearing this mask because of “what people would think,” and now I find myself pissed when they don’t (seem to) react?

Moving right along . . .

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