Annals of Covid-19: What we need now is permaculture, i.e., PERMANENT CULTURE.

Hugh Farrell, who works continuously, and with enormous vision and  leadership skills, to “create a thriving permanent culture in the Bloomington area,”  sent this reference out to the Bloomington permie list today. Looks fantastic! I will make time to absorb both articles in the newsletter soon.

And wow, a new website to pursue: Here’s the opener . . .


As Hugh says. about the content of especially this particular issue of their newsletter: 

Hey all,

Thought I’d share a link to the new issue of the Inhabit: Territories
newsletter.  All the work they’ve put out over the past months has been
sharp, but this issue has two pieces that felt particularly relevant to
our efforts as permaculturists.  The first is an interview with a
supply-chain researcher Ingrid Burrington, dealing with Amazon and DIY
responses to the pandemic.  Her thoughts on the intractability of
complex systems seem especially relevant to our work growing in

The second is an incredible, wide-ranging collective interview with
small farmers and communards across the US reflecting on their
agroecological practices and organizing during Covid.  Link is here – I
think you can just click through to the articles:


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