Annals of Covid-19: What is REALLY going on?

Last night I participated in the first 90 minutes of a Zoom meeting of people who are, like me, “out there” in terms of the ideas and realities they are willing to entertain. However, unlike Zoom meetings with my siblings, I did not feel a need to constrain myself when, to get the conversation going, one of the participants mentioned how confused she was about the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Various people chimed in, but it was quickly obvious to me that those who did were all, in one way or another, still mesmerized by what I am more and more convinced was and is an ongoing fear porn psyop meant to bring in the centralized police state. So I said that. And said that from the first time I heard about how they were selling the virus  that was my instant response. That, for me, it was just like 9/11, when I saw the Towers fall and knew, instantly, intuitively, with every fiber in my being, “inside job.”

When I get instant hits like these I seldom need to change my mind.

Silence. Then I said I wanted to read to them the letter I wrote to the editor of our local paper. I wrote and sent it in the day before Trump announced, to great consternation of the leftist press, that he was taking hydroxychloroquine. And guess what?  My letter was NOT published! That surprised me. Though it should not have. Sometimes I just don’t realize that my unrestrained self is simply “too much” — especially, in this case,  the last thrree sentences of the letter. Here it is again, at exactly the 200 word limit.


Well, after I read it to the group, one person said, “You made a lot of claims, which are all ‘arguable.'” (Well, duh! I thought to myself. Do YOUR homework, and what conclusions do YOU draw, at least provisionally? Stop swallowing the MSM pablum!) Then her husband chimed in, “The letter was provocative.” Yes, I agreed. “I was hoping to get the newspaper to. begin to actually investigate what is going on here.”

I then went on: “There are two main FEARS that are driven by this ongoing, and very successful, false flag: Fear of Death, of. course, and even more telling, FEAR OF THE BODY.” I mentioned my own mainline of defense against the blooming of any of the thousands or millions of germs circulating within and beyond my body: THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!  “We are just so disconnected from our bodies!”

At this the group leader said that was enough, he would have to shift the conversation now. “Yes, please do.” I said, still steaming. My rage against the matrix machine that spits out one shibboleth after another seems to be mounting — and expressing.

This group was intergenerational. And I did note, by the way, that several younger people in the conversation liked what I was saying. So all is not lost. In fact, one of them concluded,

“Rather than Fear, choose LOVE.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Those ARE the choices.”


I notice that Steve Beckow, who vowed to let go of political concerns just a few weeks ago, has a new piece up which dovetails exactly with what I have been thinking since this “event” began. Bingo.

The Smoking Gun of Illuminati Intentions

BTW: If Magenta Pixie and Utsava and now, a third psychic, Patricia Cori, are to be believed, the NWO intention will NOT be attained. Too many people are waking up! See this latest interview, where the two women, who had not met prior to this recorded conversation, agree that Trump is an enormous force for good in this world. YES! I’ve listened to the first 30 minutes, and so far, their intuitions/channellings are exactly synchronized with what courses through my mind and heart.

P.S. Did you see the latest quote from President Trump?

“I have a chance to break the Deep State.”


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4 Responses to Annals of Covid-19: What is REALLY going on?

  1. thymia17 says:

    I learned in the past few days that some people refer to that MSM/academia/etc. worldview as the “blue church”. Not endorsing any group/agenda here, but it is like a religion.
    One of the saddest realities today, and it began before pandemic, is the collapse of journalism, because online platforms control so much of the news now.
    There ARE no “local papers”. Gannett bought most of them, and some private equity or hedge fund will probably buy, then collapse Gannett.
    I try to support indie journalists when I can.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yep, and I think Gannet owns our “local paper”now, too. The “blue church.” I like that. But: can you imagine professors agreeing to wear a mask when they deliver their lectures? Somehow, I can see a mass revolt over this issue, and if it comes to that, the mask will have red-pilled academia. YES!

  2. Kieron says:

    The similarities to the HIV epidemic are hard to miss: the masses ignoring it, then ridiculing it or targeting individuals who contract it, the mixed messages from the feds and the state, even the presence of Fauci who was in place when AIDS began to really spread. Now even all you straight/ heterosexual people are worried about becoming “positive.” How ironic that the meme of positive and negative has “spread” (I use that word intentionally) to all of us, regardless of our background or life experience.

    I will allow that Trump is a force for change. For good? Debatable, but often good things evolve out of what is seemingly evil at the time, because otherwise the masses simply won’t make the necessary changes, due to their own sense of comfort.

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