Annals of Covid-19: On Mother’s Day, these amazing gifts: Mikovits free pdf, Dr. Zach Bush perspective

Aside from a wonderful lunch with son Colin, during which son Sean and grandson Drew serendipitously called us from Massachusetts as I was putting toppings on our cauliflower crust pizza, I spent the rest of Mother’s Day doing not much, except for reading the free pdf that Dr. Judy Miikovits has just released of her new book, Plague of Corruption. I’m nearly 200 pages into it now, paying close attention to the astonishing personal, political, legal, and social machinations of all sorts of players and institutions that surround one such as Dr. Judy, an archetypal rebel of immense integrity who refuses to bow down no matter what the pressure and furthermore, unlike so many in this materialistic culture, simply cannot be bought, sold, or blackmailed successfully. Truly. she is not only a survivor, but a total inspiration for us all.

BTW: As I go through the book, I skim over her stories of the particular intricacies of analyses and arguments that surround the “retroviral” work she has been engaged in since 1980, first of all because I’m not at all schooled in this aspect of science, nor do I intend to get bogged down by this part of the story. Furthermore, I can’t help but think that both Dr. Judy and most of the others who put forth theories about viruses (many of them contradictory) are often fusing causation and correlation, something that can only be noticed with a wider, more systematic, indeed permacultural  perspective on any relatively tiny “scientific” study that aims to establish “proof” from what appear consistently as linear chains of cause and. effect.

One thing, however, has became immensely clear: her mesmerizing story demonstrates how and why individuals within, and the wider culture of, mainstream science, academia, and government agencies tend to resolutely refuse to accept new findings when they destroy paradigms, not just because of competition, ego involvement or stubborn attachment, but even more because of the immense sums of money at stake. Not only the fear of losing government and philanthropic grants, but especially the fear of litigation that looms over any longstanding medical protocol that has been used on (and, it turns out, or was deliberately intended to — damage, poison, infect, kill) millions of people then gets exposed as a shibboleth.

Let’s face it, our horrific situation with human health has come about as a result of both our culture’s mind-controlled insistence on the “authority” of doctors in white coats (something Simon Parkes points out in his latest broadcast), and of Rockefeller’s take-over of western medicine and banishment of alternative holistic healing practices way back in the early 20th century. Were it not for industrialized western medicine, there would not be only three allowed ways for doctors to diagnose and “treat” disease: surgery, radiation, and drugs. And why was this allowed? Because, just like agriculture, the positivistic mainstream scientific focus on analysis and reductionism has meant that everything is compartmentalized, taken out of context, and treated piecemeal, thus ignoring the rich biome of both the human body and nature’s soil that each hold millions of. interactive micronutrients, bacteria, viruses, etc, and that must be appreciated as a systemic whole in order to even begin to plumb the mystery of how both the body, and the earth, know how to heal themselves, and do so, when encouraged or even left entirely alone.

The two fears which drive our culture? Fear of Death and FEAR OF THE BODY.

Then, last night at 2 AM,  listened to an interview with Dr. Zach Bush, who, unlike most M.D.s, does enjoy a much more systems-orieinted, multidimensional approach. Thanks to Fred Burks of, who sent it to his email list.

Here’s what Fred had to say about it:

Wow!!! I love Zach Bush! He’s by far my favorite MD. Brilliant and incredibly holistic. This fascinating and incredibly inspiring interview with him about the coronavirus is mind blowing! He even describes how he predicted a year ago that the next major epidemic would originate in Wuhan, China. The interview gets deeper and deeper until the end left me just breathless, deeply inspired, and wanting to tell everyone about this amazing, unique vision. Don’t miss this incredible tour de force by one who is incredibly knowledgeable in this field. 

Here are a few quotes that most inspired me.

The virus is unmasking the toxicity of the environment that we’ve created.
The danger that we have right now is not a virus.
The danger is that right now is that we have sterilized ourselves from death.
We are afraid of our own death. We need to reorient ourselves to life.
We need to celebrate life and stop fearing death and we will act much differently towards each other.
We don’t need a revolution. We need an evolution. We need to evolve past our fear and we need to find love.

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2 Responses to Annals of Covid-19: On Mother’s Day, these amazing gifts: Mikovits free pdf, Dr. Zach Bush perspective

  1. Earl Kelley Harris says:

    From one “Meanderthal” to another….Thank You!
    I’ve not commented for some time as I have been working my way through a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (diagnosed on 9/11 – 2019)
    It appears I am now rapidly approaching my own personal Pluto moment but it is with a heart full of gratitude & appreciation for so very much, including the knowledge that there are folk like yourself, dr. Bush, Judy Mikovits, et al bringing light & love into the dark corners of fearmongered folk.
    Be well my unseen Friend,

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Ah Kelley, my “unseen friend”! Thanks so much for your affirmation. It sounds as if you are well, on your way . . . Congratulations! I LOVE YOU.

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