Annals of Covid-19: Mask Mind Control

Went to Aldi’s for cheap organic produce today. Hmmm . . . should I bring my mask along? I decided to stuff it in my pocket, just in case of too many glares. I was interested to see how many would wear masks. Well, I’d say about 80%, including all the clerks. I didn’t put mine on.

A week ago, not nearly so many masks in Aldi’s. I’ve noticed the mask uptick elsewhere too. Even the neighbor couple who walk by this house each day, were wearing masks for the first time yesterday. Seeing their halting stride, their downturned heads, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for. them.

Strange. More and more, it’s as if the mass(k) programming is taking hold at an even deeper level, just as lockdown begins to release. What gives?

I presume you’ve noticed that to continue to wear a mask is a  sign of submission, of being muffled? That, at this point, after more two months of lockdown that was supposed to end in two weeks, masks signal humiliation, abject, insufferable obedience? And that, in fact, either “obedience” or its lack is mainly enforced through crowd control?

On the other hand, there are pockets where people aren’t wearing masks at all. Especially crowded beaches, with no social distancing.




It all makes me wonder about Sheldrake’s “morphogenetic fields” or, to use astrological language, Neptunian frequency fields — invisible, and very very strong, signaling a collective mood, attitude, belief, whether conscious or unconscious, which encourages, even dictates, certain behaviors and forbidding others. These “fields”  hold some of us in; others, those. who have seen through the Matrix, can certainly see through this ruse too.

To date, I’ve worn a mask five times, twice to Menard’s (which requires them), and three times to grocery stores — so as not to upset others, especially since, at 77, I’m “old,” and so supposedly susceptible.. But today I basically declared to myself that I’m done with the mask foolishness, which, BTW, not only does not protect, but can positively do harm.

Here are two opinions from on the subject:

The Science Is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators Do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses


Unmasking the Truth: Studies Show Dehumanizing Masks Weaken You and Do Not Protect You

Darn! I just searched in vain for a photo of a sheep with a mask on. No luck.


Update, May 26: My good friend Julia sent me several sheep/mask photos. This one has just the right expression in the eyes:

“Huh? Really? Well, okay, whatever you say . . .”




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7 Responses to Annals of Covid-19: Mask Mind Control

  1. Stargazer says:

    I’ve tried explaining to people that masks:
    A) only help if you are sick
    B) If made of fabric are completely useless. The space between fabric threads are about 125 microns. The COVID virus is between 0.2 and 0.125 microns. Literally hundreds of viral cells can permeate a fabric mask. ….
    Then of course there is this….

  2. wendi says:

    thank you for this post………

  3. Hi–The only reason I wear a mask is because don’t have to put on foundation-make-up
    it’s been nice for that. Too bad I need foundation but I do. Also just stick your nose out
    while wearing in a store–no problem breathing then; and of course nobody notices
    cause when you’re old especially an old woman, you are invisible! yay!

  4. thymia17 says:

    you’d like it here, in eastern Ohio – lots of non-mask-wearers. But I’m not so sure they’re free souls who’ve rejected programming – more likely they find the mask a hassle to wear or remember.
    I’d guess you see a lot of masks cause you’re in a university town. Blue church effect again (listen to top-down experts).

  5. JoAnne Decker says:

    Hi-Yesterday I went to local CSA to pick up. 93 degrees at that time. People standing in
    line social distancing everyone had a mask on. No shade very hot sun. It was eerie.
    I didn’t have a mask on, (kind of needed to breathe)–Couldn’t believe it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Good for you! Did anybody glare at you? And CSA folks — you’d think these would be people who are more awake!

  6. Hi! Just a few watered down glares were aimed my way. It was so burning hot out
    that I think the people were stunned; due to lack of oxygen.

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