Annals of Covid-19: FEAR is used by the 1% to control the 99%

At the risk of belaboring a very important point, I ran across this meme yesterday, and simply can’t resist posting it.

In this covid context, the meme means::

Being Afraid and Eliminating Exposure to Germs Leads to Death by Fear and Germs

That California beach folks turned out again en masse yesterday,  without social distancing or masks, and despite Newsom’s draconian closure of all beaches and state parks, is a very good sign that the FEAR pandemic is no longer working.

And it’s not just beach towns in California . . .

Meanwhile, I was surprised to listen to part of a new Kerry Cassidy interviewo that to me, at least, judging by the level of contention in her tone, indicates that this woman who lives in coastal California, seems to have succumbed to FEAR. Come on Kerry. BREATHE!

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