Andrew Harvey: On Shadow Work

Another way of speaking about Individuation is to say that it has to do with consciously incorporating all that is within you, most of which, up until that point, lies in shadow. I tend to see humans as tiny islands in an immense sea. The conscious part of ourselves is what shows above the waters, seemingly isolated, disconnected from all the other islands. Below the surface, exists a pyramidal landmass that ultimately, at its bottom, connects with all other landmasses, all other humans, all other earthlings, and Earth herself. When we attune to all this, this vast and magnificent mystery within ourselves, we begin to become whole, alive, interconnected with all that is. And IF we are to shift this civilization from the crash course it is presently on, we will need, each of us, to do this immense shadow work.

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  1. Josephine Lambkin says:

    Helped me with life…what do you feel? Oxoxo guess maybe outpr family done/ doing a lot of this? N Ireland?

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  2. Joe says:

    This is some of the work we are attempting to do. We scarred the earth by our technological hubris. Can we now use that same technology to heal the earth. It is interesting that in “less developed”(?) areas of the world they understand and accept “our”, biomimcry, process with much more readily.

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