And just like that, “Cancel Culture” takes hold . . .

This is from page 4 of today’s Herald Times-News, Bloomington Indiana, its population about 100,00, counting 45,000 IU students who probably won’t be here during the quarantine since after spring break, which starts today, classes will be only on-line for two weeks.

Literally every public event, meeting, school, etc. as of yesterday, was either cancelled or rescheduled, usually the former.

The public library is closed until April 6th, so housemate Dan (who works there) and I are looking at what big project we might tackle as a community (Green Acres Village) during this extended, and unprecedented opportunity. He and I also plan to deep clean and paint a few walls in this house that have badly needed it for years.

Dan tells me a friend of mine is painting colorful masks and making money that way.

Someone on the site that goes out to 45 neighborhoods in Bloomington has offered to run errands for the elderly or housebound.

This morning Dan bottled more elderberry tincture to give free to  friends.

Might this opportunity also lead to all sorts of silly distractions NOT starting up again? And might it encourage people to pay attention to their overall health and furthermore, begin to get an overall perspective on their entire life?

So amazing, that the entire world is now preoccupied with a single subject. Hard to believe, but the outcome, in the end, might be glorious.

Oh yeah, and check out the Italians:

And today the yellow vests are out in force defying Paris lockdown.

And the Chelsea Manning gofundme launched yesterday to pay for her outrageous court fine of $256K is already over $220K, with over 5500 contributors.

And finally:


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