An overview of breaking news re: global, other financial shenanigans, and what's ahead

Well, I’m wading slowly back into the roiling, oceanic internet river, and I must admit, I’m a bit reluctant to leave the security of the shore where, for two whole days I had the pleasure of sheer sitting, lying, walking on firm ground while contemplating, as usual, the Above and the Below.

I admit, at first it was hard. Hard not to be “on screen” in some way or other. For about two hours I felt crotchety, at odds, at loose ends. Then, magically, what is began to flood in. And life without any electronic hookup did, indeed, feel like an alternate reality — rich, sensual, vivid, and relaxed. For those two days I was moving through time as if it were a boundless space, utterly resonant with aliveness even in so-called “dead of winter.”

So . . . okay. . . might as well plunge back in . . .

Bingo! Right away, I see that the slow-moving tsunami of financial disclosure has ramped up tremendously over the past two days. I give you three links here:

1. David Wilcock. Financial Tyranny. This is a huge, and still developing story that Wilcock originally sourced from Benjamin Fulford about the history and current developments and conflicts over untold hidden trillions of gold and currencies that are now coming to light; well worth reading (or, if you’re like me, skimming) in its current, still unfinished, form.


2. And, I was pleased/surprised to note, the sheer, nearly unbelievable reach of Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny story is matched by another one with which it shudders in eerie resonance, and it’s from Gordon Duff of Roadmap to Redressing Economic Terrorism in America. I have no idea how Duff’s story is in fact linked or overlaps with Wilcock’s investigations, except for the global reach of both, and the enormity of the trillions involved.

3. Then Kerry Cassidy’s announcement that she will conduct a second interview with “Bill Woods” (aka Bill Brockbader), who claims to be an ex-Navy Seal, on February 4th. Cassidy followed the first interview with a three-hour Q &A a few days later, with David Wilcock and Bill Woods. I had seen the name Bill Brockbader before, when a commentator on this site mentioned it. When I saw that comment I felt uneasy about it, and took it down. That led to an email exchange with this commentator, who thinks Bill Woods is a fraud. He is not the only one to think so. I would rather not contribute to this controversy, and so am glad that Kerry Cassidy did give his real name, and said that since he was outed “by government disinfo agents,” he has been moved to a safe site.

True? What’s true? What IS truth? All this seems like cops and robbers run wild to me, and frankly, it’s hard for me to keep unflagging interest in salivating greed over money and gold that so many people apparently consider to be more valuable than life itself (well, not their own lives, but other people’s lives, and the life of the planet). But you can’t eat or drink or get warm or cool or even comfortable on gold or any of its substitutes. It’s just plain not real. And of course, demonstrating the paradoxical quality that attends all phenomena in this dense, physical third dimension, the unreality of gold and money is powerful, pernicious and separative — from nature, from each other, from the cosmos, from our own souls.

And speaking of cops and robbers, it sounds like the cops just may be starting to get the upper hand, and in a good way, if Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi’s finger is on the right pulse: A Victory for the Public on Foreclosures?

Wading through all the above stuff will take you most of a day. It may be worth it, at least once. This kind of earth-shattering information has a tendency to shift the mind and heart from one state of being to another. And I have a feeling that we’ll need to get used to it. That only must we plunge into the wild oceanic internet river in order to really grok what’s going on, but if we do manage to open our minds enough to absorb the extraordinary nature of what’s beginning to be revealed, and if we do manage to keep our equanimity, even so, then we will be in good shape for surfing whatever is the next tsunami to wall up and crash down, and the next and the next . . .

It isn’t going to get any easier. As Uranus and Pluto grind in and out of their tense 90° “square’ relationship over the next few years, victory will go to the prepared. And by this, I mean to those who have learned how to surf big waves. How to do that? Become one with the wave. Become one with the wave as it reaches out from the deeps and subsides back into the deeps. Become one with the deeps. Become one.

And in that quest for equanimity, if it indeed is our quest, we are very fortunate, or perhaps I should say, the “stars are aligning” in exactly the way as to make relaxation into oneness not only possible, but even necessary. On February 4th, 2012 the spiritual planet Neptune, symbol of the letting go of the ego, will pass into its own sign, mystic, oceanic, empathic Pisces, where Neptune is most at home, to remain there until 2025.

When Neptune briefly entered Pisces last year, we experienced the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. What watery, emotional, spiritual tsunamis lie ahead? And what will be their nature? I have a sense that, by the end of these fourteen years, humanity will not need the internet. That we will be naturally moving and acting and thinking and being as one. Like starlings in the sky. Like fish in the sea. Sharing one consciousness, one heart, we will each, as a unique individual, be expressing the fractal beauty of who we are in communion with the undivided whole.

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