An AK Reader: The Crone Chronicles experiment, 1989-2001

flowerBetween 1989 and 2001 I was deeply involved in a sociological adventure that went by the name Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging. This experiment in what I would call “energizing an archetype” started, literally, with a nighttime dream, fumbled in its beginnings, then took off, to become a national niche publication twice nominated by Utne Reader in its annual small press awards, featured on BBC and Good Morning America, and written up in a number of big city dailies.

A spin-off from the magazine, Crones Counsel, began in 1993 with an annual 5-day meeting of wonderful women who listen to each others stories, help each other grow, and immerse themselves in the rich turnings of ever-deepening community life. This year’s counsel will meet at beautiful Asilomar, on the central coast of California. All women welcome!

This article, called The Experiment, I wrote as my swan song for the second generation Crone magazine, which I also founded and edited, for its first three years, at the request of the publisher Anne Niven of bbimedia.

The Crone Experiment, p. 93ff

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