The American Dream: Devolution to Dystopia?

A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America

But how bad is it, really? Hard to see, when I live in a relatively wealthy college town.

How bad is homelessness in America?

Meanwhile, Indiana, like everywhere else, is experiencing extreme growth in opioid addiction.

Nobel Laureate “discovers” Cause of Opioid Crisis: Complete Destruction of the “White Middle Class”

So, and how much does this ongoing destruction also have to do with voracious corporations like Walmart crowding out Mom-and-Pop stores?

Melissa and Aaron Dykes, of truthstream media, start the following video with their search for a public bathroom in the city of San Francisco at night. That alone tells you something about what it’s like to be homeless in America in 2017.

Meanwhile, I am happy to announce that our fair city, Bloomington Indiana, has just opened it’s second new apartment complex for those without homes.

“A Place to Call Home: Opening of Crawford II,: with 36 new housing units, expands housing options for the chronically homeless. (Unfortunately, this long and very well written article is not available without a subscription to the Herald-Times.) So I cite one nugget from it here:

“The first complex [opened in 2013] increased residents’ income by 29%, reduced their visits to the emergency room by 65%, cut their incarceration rates by 88%.”

So, just to be practical —not even considering the ethics of the situation that has made the privileged few increasingly wealthy and trampled on the growing poor — in terms of public expense, which is greater, the one-time expense of building apartments, or ongoing payments for emergency visits and periodic incarceration. Do the math. Clearly, Housing First works.


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