Alt-Epistemology: What’s “true,” what’s kinda maybe true, what’s just plain hilarious — and true?

Yesterday I listened to a new Tarot by Janine podcast, and was as stunned as she seemed to be by what she says her cards told her.

But then, it occurred to me: What if she’s correct, that former English teacher Michael Baxter’s highly dramatic and likely exaggerated reporting for realrawnews on supposed military tribunals really does tell us what’s going on behind the scenes, with both drama and exaggeration designed to rope us in and give plausible deniability?

Baxter’s disclaimer is interesting, given the final sentence. In other words, “on advice of legal counsel” he needed to disclaim, even though much of the content is true(?) and, according to Janine’s cards, this site IS one way white hats are getting truth out to the public.

Check it out. Definitely entertaining clickbait, and possibly more.

Reminds me of il Donaldo Trumpo, whom I find hilarious and who, I suspect, IS Donald Trump.

In other words, in truly unprecedented times such as these, we might as well just make fun of the entire shebang. For example, his response to Jen “Psucky”s draconian announcement of door-to-door vax visits. Wanna bet that won’t last long?

It just goes to show: rather than taking draconian drivel seriously, laugh it off the stage.

What better way to banish mind-controlled fear-mongering than sheer ridicule?


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