Alt-Epistemology and the UFO MegaCon

See this post from yesterday.

Please go to the ufomegacon website to see the most updated list of speakers and their presentations. As you can see, they range the gamut from ET contactees and abductees (those who call themselves abductees tend to remember their experiences as negative, because no allowance for free will; those who call themselves contactees sometimes used to call themselves abductees, until they shifted their perception of the meaningfulness of the contact experience), to witnesses of unusual craft and/or lights and other phenomena in the sky or on or near the ground, to those who argue that some of those craft are “ours,” and others who argue that they can’t be because human understanding of antigravity is still primitive despite our reengineering of ET craft, and still others who argue that we have a Secret Space Program that has been to Moon, Mars and beyond, sometimes in aircraft carrier ships that fly through the cosmos —

I kid you not! And that’s not the half of it. Many talks about types of ETs, short and tall greys, mantids, tall whites, reptilians, among them, and their varying relationships with the human population.

On and on. Some think ET is here to take over the planet with the hybridization program. Others think that the hybridization process benefits both species. And some of both types would say that we are all hybrids anyway, from a long time ago. The latest iteration of this process has human mothers mating with ET on ships, “miscarry” later on, also on ships; hybrid babies then brought to term and raised by ET ; human mothers then sometimes visit or are visited by their hybrid children . . .

I’ve been to a number of UFO conferences over the past 20 years, and the hybrid theme seems to be one that is becoming more public and growing.

Of course this kind of talk is not anything that I’m privy to in my boring normal life. So hearing these discussions felt like I had been transported to a  space ship where we are being either educated or, possibly, at times purposefully misinformed as to what is really going on. With the conference beginning as Mercury was moving retrograde, nearly stationary, and conjuncting Neptune for two weeks (it ends April 6), the entire experience felt confusing and almost smeary. As if my mind was being filled with gobbeldy gook, with no way to make sense of it, and usually, no way to check references to “reality.”

But what IS reality? That did become the overriding question of the conference, though it waited until the 27th March, the very day when Mercury turned to go direct, that the gauntlet of that question was formally thrown down from the stage — but disguised and twisted into a supposed ethical framework.

I’ve decided not to name any names in this post, partly to contravene what was done there, naming names of those that this one speaker called out as “liars.”

I was stunned when this famous attorney built his case, as if in a closing argument in criminal court, and then stated, definitively, that some of well-known people in the UFO movement were “liars,” and then proceeded to name those he accused.

My UFO buddy Joan was stunned, too. How dare he? As if he KNOWS, and can be the one who tells everybody else what is what.

Usually, when attempting to discern what is real among all the fantabulous stories we heard from the stage from people who, from all appearances, appear to be entirely sincere and trustworthy, if their accounts of what is real contradict others’ accounts who appear equally sincere and trustworthy, we are left in a quandary. Who to trust?

But to call any of them liars? I don’t think so. More likely, they have been “messed with” (i.e., mind-controlled in some way), or their perspectives are twisted by their own programming from schools, military, or their experiences are just so foreign to ours that we have no way of understanding them much less judging them, or   . . In other words, we don’t usually accuse people of lying, but simply of either presenting material that is “over our heads,” or getting it wrong, for one reason or another.

This statement, that some in the the UFO community are LIARS, when thundered from the stage, felt like Yahweh commanding his people. From that moment on, I referred to this fellow as “Yahweh.”

All of which makes me turn back once again, to a more alt-epistemological point of view, wherein all perspectives are meaningful; that from any particular “point of view,” the point from which an individual is viewing “reality,” there is a perspective which is meaningful to him. “His truth.”  And, if a mathematical point has no dimension, and when looked at from close to that point spreads into a space, with an infinity of points opening up within it, in other words, if reality is not singular, but multiplying, with multidimensional implications to boot, then why call anybody a liar, when it’s easier, and way less judgmental, to just assume they are speaking from their own experience, their own perspective, which in turn has been shaped by the varied experiences of their entire life to this date.

Now of course some people ARE liars, and chronically so. We call them psychopaths and sociopaths. But I think the number much smaller than Yahweh assumes. Except, of course, for the U.S., military and alphabet agencies which lie as a matter of course because of “national security.” Yahweh’s reference to the liars among the ufo community was in response to his saying that the U.S. military routinely lies, and that the paradigm must change to one of cooperation and transparency rather than compartmentalization and secrecy for real UFO “Disclosure” to take place.  If we are going to accuse the U.S. of lying, he argued, we must note where we are lying in our own UFO community. That’s how he got to his accusations of individuals.

In any case, while I certainly agree that we must shift from secrecy to transparency, his theocratic fundamentalism soured my attitude towards him, and made me wonder just how much people in the UFO community are realizing that they are being infected with the same toxic virus that divides this country. Indeed, as I told Joan, we need to see the UFO community as a fractal of what’s happening overall.

I hope you can see why I decided not to name any names when I told this story. I don’t want to be infected by the same virus that took hold there and spread it further.

On the other hand, there was so much of value in this week-long experience! I felt like I was being downloaded with a enormous weight of info/misinfo/disinfo, most of which was either alarming, or soothing, or stunning, or mind-bending and extremely hard to beLIEve. To me, what that meant was that this was a week-long exercise in keeping my mind open to all possibilities, always.

Joan and I did realize, part way through, that there is a great divide between our fundamental assumptions! She believes that sooner or later, we will be able to figure out the nature of the universe. I assume that the universe will always be larger than any of our interpretations of it.

Think the way Joan does, and one is bound and determined to grab hold of every data point and try to place it within a context of other data points, looking for not just patterns, but the grand over-all pattern that will finally make sense of it all.

Think that way I do, and the entire panoply of people’s unique perspectives are like intensely creative paint strokes, all done on a giant canvas that grows larger over time, but never does actually merge with what it’s trying to “capture.” Indeed, it’s art, not truth, that is being done here.

I have a feeling that my attitude is easier on me than hers is on her.

We not only agree to disagree, it matters not at all in terms of our human connection. YES!







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  1. Laura Bruno says:

    ‘From that moment on, I referred to this fellow as “Yahweh.” ‘

    Literally laughed out loud when I read that. Also thought of John Lamb Lash and the whole archontic virus as it relates to ET’s. Another few paint strokes on your abstract art piece. I loved this post, can relate on so many levels, as you know.

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