Alt-Epistemology 101, yet again: Various recent “takes” on reality, including the verb “trigger” and the broohaha over Corey Goode.

Here’s one “take.”

I’m personally triggered by the word “trigger” In fact, the way mostly young narcissists have turned this noun into a verb makes me want to throw up.

Yep, my ultimate shit detector, aka “discernment” technique, is rooted in my belly.

Melissa Dykes investigates this phenomenon, and its suspicious history in the context of hypnosis, MK ULtra, brainwashing, mind control. “Now they want you to believe that words can actually hurt you. . . they are really inundating us with this idea, of verbal triggers. Like a witch catching a spell . . .Tell me this is not mind control. It really seems like mass mind control . . . Attacking free speech . . . People are now being engineered to instantly react from a place of a hair trigger emotional response that overrides all ability for critical thought.”

A really worthwhile video.

We don’t talk so much about “rabbit-holes” anymore. I wonder why. Is it because that’s all we know? That there is no above ground consensus reality that connects the openings of all the holes? Hmmmm. Meanwhile, here’s a deep hole that I managed to lose myself in over the past weeks: the question of whistleblower Corey Goode. Is he really good?

First came a Steven Greer clip, which didn’t go viral.

Then came Bill Ryan’s accusation, which did.

The Truth about Corey Goode

Then Corey Goode replied to the accusations.

Corey Goode responds to claim made by Bill Ryan

Then Robert Salla weighed in.

Then a few others, like Will Berlinghoff, all of whom, I notice, depend on 3D methods of “verification” to determine whether something is “true” or “false.”

Then dark journalist interviewed Bill Ryan, also a 3D’er.

Update, later same day: And now I see that a reverse speech analysis has been done on the Bill Ryan Dark Journalist interview. And it’s a doozer!

Kerry Cassidy had a sane, nuanced response to the entire imbroglio, especially noting that 3D verification methods (including documentation) can themselves be faked.

Defending Whistleblowers

I have no idea what’s real here. Or maybe I should say, as I’ve said before, it’s all real. Every now moment has an infinity of time lines running through it. Which time line we agree to depends on how we lean in, just where we place our attention. The world proceeds out (and in) from that singular point. And since there are billions of humans, each with a “point of view,” i.e., a point from which to view the world, there are equally as many realities. Those whose points of view and their chosen timelines intersect most often with others points of view/timelines determine what we call “consensus reality.”

A more interesting observation might be, why cause dissension in the ranks of those who would all want to consider themselves NOT a part of the NWO MSM?  Who really started this broohaha and who benefits? My first reference is to Steven Greer (above). Don’t know if he was the first one to question Corey Goode publically, But I don’t really trust Greer either, not anymore. Not since he started to claim that “all ETs are good.”

So. Isn’t this entire argument just another divide-and-conquer cabal distraction that for example, I, who should know better, found myself briefly entranced by?

Mea culpa.

Meanwhile, let me confess: though I view Corey Goode’s stories as fun entertainment, I don’t put much more stock in them than that. But then that goes for all these stunning displays of human imagination and invention. Why can’t we just focus on the stunning display? On how immensely intensely creative we are? And how, if we all put our brilliant selves together in setting a common intention, we could easily redirect the future of, not just this suffering planet, but the entire galaxy.


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2 Responses to Alt-Epistemology 101, yet again: Various recent “takes” on reality, including the verb “trigger” and the broohaha over Corey Goode.

  1. steve says:

    Consciousnesses precedes reality….does being present proceed Consciousness….. we give existence into the being of Consciousnesses …..triggered is not being present….to be able to be triggered means you live in the world of attachment….the opposite of being present….therefor in the world/state of non attachment we are out of “their ” control and we can be fully Conscious or is a state of anarchy

  2. Janice Berndt says:

    Thanks for sharing the Melissa Dykes video…although the idea of a trigger word is not new to me, I will be more vigilant in paying attention to how they are being used.

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