Alt-Epistemology 101, again: Jordan Sather and the relativity of frames

It used to be that one could “make a rational argument” by 1) creating a framework that specifies what’s allowed inside it and keeps out all the rest, 2) deciding to move from one point to another within the frame according to a set of rules, usually those of logic. Where we end up within the frame we will then “argue” is “justified” as TRUTH.

This left-brain way of approaching the world and trying to take a stab at figuring out “what’s really going on” no longer works. Why? Because it used to be that frameworks were set in cement by MSM, and we beLIEved in not just the arguments, but in the frame itself, without realizing that it IS a frame — by definition arbitrary, a “stab in the dark.” Darkness itself reigns. And that darkness is full of an infinity of “points,” each of which, when we focus on it,  expands into a space which we can then claim as a frame. Witness the proliferation on the internet of  millions upon millions of frames, each of which the more astute among us are beginning to recognize as chock full of unnoticed hunches, prejudices, half-baked ideas, trends, memes, etc. etc — all the detritus of a disintegrating culture hooked on continuous instant messaging about less and less.  

However, some of us are adept at holding multiple frames in mind at once while learning to recognize the specifics of the bias within each, comparing them, “cherry-picking” from them — and if we’re really really adept, even nesting various compatible or incompatible frames within one another to see what that cooks up! And all the while without having to beLIEve in any of them. And all the while sensing that whatever we perceive, think, and say is at best, merely “our truth, in this single fleeting moment.” Usually, young minds are best — most flexible, adaptable, wide-ranging — at these kinds of mental gymnastics. One of these young minds whom I deeply appreciate is Jordan Sather. Here’s his latest on facebook:

And here he is, in a recent “Destroying the Illusion” youtube video, where he puts together UFO and pedogate in the same frame and runs with it. Very interesting, as usual.


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