Alt-Epistemology 101, contextualized: Body Language, Face Reading, Transhumanism

In this new era of “infowars,” when we have absolutely no idea whether or not any so-called “factual information” is real, whether from mainstream OR alternative sources; in this era when we are continuously being played by all sorts of agendas trying to control our minds with words — including our own “wishful thinking” about who WE really are — I notice that I find myself seeking other forms of “checking” out behavior of those who assume that we think they are telling the truth, or, that they are at least being “credible.” (What an awful word! Credible = believable. Not truth, but belief is the end goal. Huh?)

Given my growing confusion, a few months ago I started watching Bombard’s Body Language, her saucy and often hilarious “takes” on people in the news. For example:

Then, on my return from Massachusetts a few days ago, I found myself guided to two other ways of chewing on “truth,” both of which I’m still in the initial stages of grokking. These are Face Reading with Dr. Peter Reznick:

— and weirder, but who knows? Are some humans actually androids? And if so, what does that imply?

Welcome to the post-post-modern world! BTW: in Massachusetts my grandson Drew turned me on to Black Mirror, a Netflix series. Each episode is one of a kind. Characters don’t return for other episodes. Each episode portrays a possible real world scenario. “This sci-fi anthology series explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.”

Though I’m hooked on many of Netflix original series, I wonder about the Netflix agenda as well.

And I find it interesting that while 14-year-old Drew, who plays complex strategic games onscreen with all his friends everyday, nearly all day, and seems utterly impervious to the dark side of tech — or to the continuous virtual violence and death that attends his games — also gave me a very worried look when he heard about the latest North Korean missile into the Pacific Ocean.

We can’t be too careful, too discerning. Life on Earth is becoming very very wild, and not in the way Mother Nature intended — fully, wildly, powerfully expressive and interconnected at the deepest levels; instead, it appears that our obsessive focus on technology has warped us all into easy prey for the transhumanist agenda.

Here’s an article I might want to get my warped, robotic hands around:

Transhumanism and the Dialectics of Progressivism



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